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"How many window cleaners do you know that blunder along, surviving despite themselves, never really successful because they have never decided on a definite marketing program?" - Steven L. Miller in "Developing a Marketing Plan."

In this hard-hitting issue of the American Window Cleaner, Miller drives home how crucial it is for every window cleaning professional to have a clearcut marketing plan. A few recommended strategies Miller believes you should centralize include advertising, promotion, public relations, and sales. In addition, a man with a master's degree in English Literature left his career to become a window cleaner. He details the comparison of his former white-collar job to the polar opposite work he currently does as a high-rise window cleaner.

Expert in suspended scaffolds Harold Gidish describes Permanent Installation (PI) swing stages and how to maintain your safety properly. First-Person Essay Contest winner Joe Doskis tells the story of when he was only a foot from the ground, yet it was his first major accident on the job in over five years. The Vice-President of Marketing of Steccone Products shares his experience at the Third Annual All Japan Window Cleaning Contest. He reminisces about the event while comparing Japan's work life to that of the United States.


  • Benefits of having a marketing plan
  • From master's degree to window cleaning, read the story of Kurt Yehnert
  • First-Person Essay Contest winner Joe Doskis tells the story of a freak accident
  • Learn how to hold a more productive business meeting


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