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The American Window Cleaner magazine reached its 100th issue! Publisher of the magazine Rich Fabry celebrates and reflects on his time as publisher. Some photos are shared of Fabry when the magazine was young and he answers questions on industry changes and about his experiences as a publisher.

Johnny's Window Cleaning's John Orsini explains how to properly clean screens. Orsini takes the reader through a step-by-step guide on how to fully remove all the grime and dust. PacifiClear Window Cleaning's Troy Liposec talks about the duplication process in business. Liposec elaborates that duplication begins early in window cleaning: from your hourly rates to price per window.

Knowing the language of contracts and having a state construction license is of the utmost importance for window cleaners. Hi-Lite Enterprises' Mitchell Hardin, Jr. offers contract tips and ways to protect yourself and your business if and when you're in cahoots with a large organization.


  • Fabry puts the American Window Cleaner magazine up for sale
  • How to safely handle cleaning tools
  • Co-founder and chairman of Ettore Emma Steccone passed away
  • Four strategies to price window cleaning

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