Xero vs northern lite


Hi just wondering if anyone has done a comparison yet? I searched the forums.
I’m getting into water fed pole system and would like to see the difference.

I’m looking for an all around product that will be good with commercial and residential. I like the fact the xero you can take off section on the 40’.
I am from Canada so shipping is a bit more of a hassle but if its worth the difference then I’m all for it.

I was looking at the package with both the RO-DI since we have hard water here.

Thanks guys


I’ve got a northern lite and it’s great. Order from Mark at beautiful view. Where are you located?


Sounds good I was thinking about Reach-it but it seemed a bit iffy on the forums. It seems like a good product but with the amount of money spent on the equipment its hard. It is definitely a big investment.
Thanks for the response I will look into it and do as much research as possible.

I am located in Calgary, Alberta
Northern lite looks good so far and I will be researching as much as I can for the start of the season.

Thanks again guys for the input. I would like to hear everything I can to make the right investment.



This is the wrong forum for Reach-It. WCR had to stop selling them due to the high returns from dissatisfied customers. Go for Xero. They seem very similar to Gardiner.


I used to use another waterfed pole to Reach for windows. See what I did there. :wink: It was like working with a wet noodle. Now I have the Xero hi modulus and like it a lot!


Hi @joho

You cant go wrong with a XERO or a Northern Lite Water Fed Poles - We happily sell both.


Being in Canada you can get either from @Beautiful_View | Mark makes the Northern Lite and we make the XERO. But we share inventory on some items.

You are looking at 2 different types of poles. The XERO WaterFed Pole is a Telescopic pole. The Northern Lite Waterfed Pole is more of a Modularscopic pole.

Check here for the key design differences: https://windowcleaner.com/waterfed-poles/understanding/waterfedpoles/

Let us know if we can help.


Yes, Xero and Northern Lite are two great choices. Hit me up and we’ll see what we can make happen for you. The guys at WCR and myself have a lot of experience as window cleaners out in the field unlike some other dealers that just sell stuff. We’ll get you set up with the equipment you need. :+1:


Northern Lite is around 1.5 wall thicknesses which make it a little heaver but more durable. Many poles get there lightness from a thin wall thickness like 1.25 or less (Gardner). Many poles you buy direct from China are this thin which basically makes the pole useless after an year or two. You might think it does not matter but I would always get a pole a few pounds more, if it had more carbon fiber in it and 63 msi Hi Mod ! The Reach It has changed so much in its design I would need to get an current pole to tell you the wall thickness and durability. I would go with the best track record by asking how long guys have had their poles So many new poles on the market and unless you are an manufacture and an designer of wfp poles, it would be hard for an guy to know.