Would this job Stump you?


It’s a construction clean up, and I’m not sure what kind of lift i could use to get that high. They said its about 46 to 50 feet from the ground to the bay of windows on the side on the third floor (not the skylights) I don’t know how high the windows/skylights are from the stairs. Is there a special lift used on uneven surfaces like this staircase?
I’m guessing the skylights are another 10ft up from the ceiling.




This is not work suited for a lift.
This type of work the only real way your gonna safely clean it, is to get a scaffolding company set up scaffolding all the way to the ceiling in parts for those sky lights and to the bottom of the glass, TBH they would have likely had a scaffold set up just right when they built it, but tore it down after the upper was complete to allow the lower to be completed.

So I personally would call a company who specializes in scaffolding erection who is licensed to do so, the builders would have the people they used on file who would have already set up that space to a similar configuration,. get them to put in their quote, then you put your quote on top.

Once its all set up it should be relatively easy to clean as it will convert the space into a walkable floor in the areas you need, providing they set it up they way you need it.


yep, what Steve said, make them create the safe access you need


Thank you! This helps tremendously! Do you have any other suggestions I should keep in mind? I have a clear direction on how to approach this now. I have a friend who worked for a scaffolding company so I’m sure he could help too.



Your welcome :smile:


If you only need another 10 feet from the stairway, then a 3D Climbing frame (or ladder) from Scorpro Engineering (in New Zealand) is the ticket.


It CAN be used on stairs. In a previous company I worked for, we bought one of these, and the unique adjustable triangle frame (feet) at the bottom makes it possible to use safely on stairs. I know from experience using it.

Your situation all depends on the angles to the skylight and what’s beneath.

Anyway, probably of no help to you in America, but I just want to make people aware of this unique and absolutely brilliant ladder.


That is an awesome ladder. A little pricey but awesome nome the less.


Wouldn’t you use a interior lift similar to the one in 1st picture. Fits thru double door and is articulating.


I believe that is a crane.

You could do parts of it with a lift, I would think it would not all be reachable though, it looks like that stair goes up thru a mezzanine level, with a lower ceiling the lift would not be able to pass.


That one is and why I stated similar.

It is a articulating trac lift. The head is a basket rather than a crane.


Models that fit thru double doors where one person can navigate inside atriums.



I know of a window cleaning company that rents those types of lifts @anon46335951, but I’m afraid that I wouldn’t be able to reach everything.