Wordpress help


Ok so my dang website sucks. I can not figure this dang wordpress thing out. Check out my website and let me know. windowrescue.org I wish I had enough revenue from the business to just pay someone to build me a site. Maybe next year. Until then I already paid for this dang site I need it to work.


What do you need?


Heck I have no clue. Really a easy functioning website. Like my first page says spring window cleaning. Well that’s stuck forever cause I have no idea how to change it


Check out the X Theme for wordpress it’s only 29 dollars and it makes everything so much easier. Jared actually recommended it to me and so far I am liking it.


Do you have a login? When you’re logged in it should be pretty easy to use. You can visit wp beginner if you need more detailed help.


There are youtube vids out there that can help. That’s how I learned to do mine.

I would add a contact page (plugin for WP) that allows them to send you an e-mail. I’d also add an about us page, because it allows them to buy into who you are and why you are doing it.

I used Responsive theme for my website. I wanted a theme that would function on ALL devices. I find that one pretty easy to use, personally.


Yea I have the year membership plan. Whatever that is. I really suck at computers lol. My page now prob took me 12 hrs