Window cleaning in a BLIZZARD



Trad-Man, you are THE MAN. But…aren’t them legs cold? And no gloves?. Yup…you are the best and tough, oh, and ya clean a mean window too. How nice your customers can look out at the snow through a nice beautiful window. That’s inspiring. :sunglasses:


I appreciate the comment. Thank you for taking the time to watch. My customers have gotten used to me turning up in all weather’s. Any customers that complain when its a bit wet or windy or snowing i just tell them i don’t think I’m the service for them and i remove them from the list and replace with good regular no fuss customers. Thats how I’ve got a route that’s near enough prefect and i dont need to worry about being turned away when the weather’s not great. :grin:


Here in my part of the world, I don’t think many res customers would agree to have me if it’s snowing beyond flurries.
Storefronts, that’s another story.


You can take my weather, but you’ll never take my squeegee!

Braveheart two coming to a theater near you!


Nice to know I am not the only focused individual. Nice video! I remember almost getting pushed over by the snow plow in three feet of snow. Then another time when I had to shovel to get at every window. And another time when I actually got stuck in a snow bank and couldn’t get out. Yet another time trying to use a twenty foot pole with the snow up to my arm pits and a splitting headache. I did go home after that one. Fun times! Lets hear about any other misadventures.



At least I noticed the most impressive fact

Pete is working in the snow with a KILT!!

Watch again folks.

Top man




Good man


Lol! All for a good cause :wink: thank you for taking the time to watch much appreciated


@Trad-Man How cold was it that day?


Not 100% sure but somewhere around zero degrees Celsius