Why'd you take the post down, about taking the post down?


I mean come on there was a good thing going, I felt like some online drama was gonna go down, and then poof it vanished. what vanished? the people who never saw the thread will never know, or probs wanna know.

It reminded me of an article I read On the Babylon Bee



the next topic will be why did you take the post down of the Why’d you take the post down, about taking the post down?


I just want this forum to be about Window Cleaning.

Threads about the forum or about how the forum is run in the grand scheme of things don’t really yield a positive outcome. As fun as the threads can be I think they are detrimental to the community long term.


Yeah man, I know I was hoping for some sarcasm… I guess I’ll just need to take a couple more lessons on how to post from @JaredAI cuz he’s always got something funny to say that seems to fit. lol


It was very funny :slight_smile:


You could always find some merriment in this thread —>meme thread <— But I would suggest not reaching for the Rea^%h - !t reference. :wink:




^^^ And it comes in red now, apparently.


I’m glad you monitor these things and pulled it down. I’m learning from another post the value of your service is tied to everything you, your associates/employees and media linked to your business. As @Chris said, it made his company look poor is the eyes of a client. I’ve let go two of my three pt guys because they are not representing me well and I’m doing 90% of the work solo again but man I’m so much happier and do not worry about being sued because someone else did not hold up their end of an agreement (warranty). $0.015, not even worth 2.


Hey @Frozone. I was able to skim through your reply in the retired thread, but couldn’t reply.
I get where you were coming from. Many, if not most of us at times jump on a bandwagon and say or ‘believe’ things without enough real basis.
I have no reason from my years of experience with Chris and Alex to think they’re bad apples as running a company or a forum. The ship is tight. Tighter than some like or agree with. Oh well.
When I used the word ‘cult’ I wasn’t really trying to say that PT led a cult, just that he seemed to have a cult following. Probably some other phrasing would have made it more clear what I had in mind.
Sorry for any offense to you.


Offense to me? I don’t know if that apology was aimed toward me, but if it was there was no offense to be made, I’m sorry for making you think that I was offended, it’s all a joke to me that’s been taken too seriously… lol