Who works with their son/daughter or even family?


My son started working last summer at 15 years old part time between sports.

He now has his driver’s license and works weekends until schools out for summer and be able to work days.

Curious how many have similar situation and how been.


I work with my brother. We tag team big jobs, invest in big expenses, brain storm, lift, and challenge each other.


All three of my sons have grown up cleaning windows. My youngest who’s a sophomore in business college works with me during summers. The older two have graduated college and moved away to good jobs and adventures. They all cherish the times we worked together. For a while my wife ran the office so we had a total family thing going on but after the kids graduated high school, she left my business and started selling real estate. Here’s a couple of pics of my youngest (21 now)


My wife worked with me the first 4 months of business. But we’re both A-type people… and started to get on each other’s nerves lol. It was an immense help and I would not be where I am without her help in the beginning. With that said, my current Operations Manager is pretty much like family.

The more I get to know this industry the more I see it VERY VERY rare that an operation is profitable, large, successful, and thriving without family involved.


My son and I work together often he’s 24 , and now works full time as a window cleaner for my old boss. .
My wife does most of my scheduling sense I hate answering the phone.


My wife helps me On a quarterly job( home owner has some tall interior windows and has some slippery marble floor , so I just need her to foot the ladder) , hopefully by sept I can have her answering the phone for me . Also my son is 14 going on 15 , I told him he’s going to be with me this summer at least 3 days a week.


Plan on it :slight_smile:


If you dont mind, who does your son work for?


Citywide/city heights… I worked for them for quite awhile . I’m sure you know how they are , there’s definitely down falls working for them but I have to say they treated me very well.


My sister has worked with me a few times. She had no idea how tough the work can be at first. She actually did well and I had no problem paying her well.


I’m currently working with my 5 and 3 year olds, they will grow up doing it I can because I get asked all the time if they can go. Next week we wash Grammys house as a team!! So excited! Pictures pending !! I have last years on this forums some where!


You don’t actually take them to a customers house do you?


Lol of course not. Although I have done a few bids with them, you know hanging out with kids at park, persistent customers wants a bid that day no matter! We take our time and finish up- I show up do 2 minute bid, get the job. Go back and do more fun things.

Other wise I have only had them wash windows at families houses, paid or not.


If hes ever looking for work 0r they don’t treat him right let me know.


Thank you , hope to run into you at some point .


My two sons are a little young to be helping on job sites but I look forward to the day. I had my first paycheck job when I was 13. My older son is close!


I hired my wife in 2014. She is a rockstar.


In the summer months at least 90% of my jobs are done with my 14 year old son helping me. He knows how to set up the WFP and get all the gear ready as I talk with the customer and lay the job out. Not only does it save me a lot of time, the customers ALWAYS comment that they like to see a young person out working with their dad. It also is teaching him a skill that he can take anywhere and use, something that is also lacking with a lot of our younger generation!


My 31 year old son lives 600 miles away but he will help me with a job when I go visit the week after next. I enjoy having his company on the job site.


You can hang with us too.lol

Or do lunch