What would you bid?


The opposite sides are a mirror (pretty much) of the two sides you can see.

I counted 76 panes each on the 4th, 3rd, 2nd floors and 82 panes on the first floor.

i am going to bid ~$1650 for outsides and that includes us going in through the rooms to take out the screens.

I plan on using wfp.


I’d charge anywhere from $1000-1300 but I am in an area where everything is cheaper than average in the US.


3 stories I’d probably be 800-1000 IF the maintenance guy takes off the screens or we just skip the screen window. 1650 is good for going in and out of rooms but you might as well do 1800 and clean the inside too. Inside glass goes real fast and outside might only take you 4-5 hours.


For the glass alone I would be 1250. If im removing the screens 1500.

Sometime the screens are screwed or bracketed to the frame and the screws are stripped… Ugh…

I do everything in my power to get the maintaince people to remove the screens.


is that a realistic expectation? We thought about saying if you’d like to save some money will take off $200 if you remove the screens


That’s the way I present it to them also,

  • save $250 if your maintenance techs remove the screens prior to our arrival and replace the screens when the job is complete *


@JaredAI you mentioned 3 stories in your post, but Ben listed 4 stores in the op and the pic shows 4, so would your estimate change or was that a typo?

@leavingnc Ben, how did you arrive at your original estimate? I plan on going to a hotels early next week and am interested to see if your thought process is different than the other commercial property you helped me out with recently. Best of luck with your bid, hope you get it and would love to know how it works out if you do.


Oh good catch missed that. Then yeah 1000-1200 outside only etc


$3 per pane for first floor, $5 per pane 2nd 3rd 4th and ~$300 for the approximate 150 screens.


Thanks! I hope you get this. I really want to move into this area as it seems much more profitable, at least in my area.


I may have missed it but are you removing and then going back a second time to replace screens?


$1500 for the ext panes only.
Would need to know more about the screens before commenting on removing and replacing.


yes, we would probably remove all the screens on a floor bring them outside and brush them off and then put them back on a couple hours later


Yes, Asking them to remove the screens as an option to save money is fine. I have always made that offer, especially when I know that they are on tight budget and very cost conscience. I would line item you doing it as possible bargaining chip.

Question : Why are you not including screen cleaning as a possible service on this building ? It a great add-on money maker.


we’ll be brushing the screens off, i suppose we could offer to wash them as well.


So you’re taking the screens outside and brushing them off at no additional charge? That job in itself would take longer than the windows


I would give them your price and tell them that price is if they take the screens off.
Going from room to room, knocking, asking to come in, being told to come back later or
not at all, putting them back and no one is there. Oye vey…Get them to do it.


I doubt they’d do that…they’ve always only started once we arrive and only get maybe a ten minute head start.

The money they save from using their people need to pay for the overhead for them.

THAT will sweeten the pie for them if they aren’t back logged with work orders for them to do…


I’ve had them 3/4 of the way done removing the screens before we arrived, I also have had the 10 mins ahead.

In my experience they prefer to save money, and go with the maintenance people removing the screens and reinstalling them.


not no aditional charge but built into the price.