What Should You Do....Window Cleaning in the Snow



Just do it. If you get cold, you’re not moving fast enough!


I agree JUST DO IT. With business accounts most want it done either way and with the drive you put in that’s a no brainier. With my weekly accounts the same what I found works for me if its raining Ill do inside only if they are grouped together and just pass by and do out the next day better then sitting home :sunglasses:


Of course, I’m just saying “Just do it.” because… IT’S NOT ME!!

But I’ve been there, I’ve done it, I got the t-shirt and then moved to a more temperate climate.


C’mon pros! If a vid. is put out, check the audio first! This audio is terrible. Speak up, project, make sure the mic is close. Just a few pointers from a sound tech, slash, window washer.


Rain/Snow has a TDS of 0… It wouldn’t matter if it was hitting the glass or not.


Yeah, but it’s super annoying. Especially when you get the itch to “detail” the rain drops.


True lol


All the customer knows is
“only crazy people wash windows in the rain. “


Our local UK rain is minimum TDS18. Must be the traffic.


My route jobs seem to judge me favorably for being dedicated enough to show up.
My residential customers seem to prefer that I wait until a dry day.



Kinda hard to be consistent and reliable when you only clean the windows when nobody thinks it’s going to rain. lol