What removes aluminum marks from glass?


Whether its from the aluminum rinse bar, an aluminum squeegee channel, ring or something else

what does actually remove those gray lines from the glass?


Though I’ve never tried it, I’ve read Bar Keeper’s Friend will do the trick


I can’t remember for sure but I thought I remembered reading her once that stove cook top polish would work. I’ll have to look for the old thread I think I marked it.


BK’s fried will work and its a good scrub work out, not a wipe
and go.


I think Mathew is right you can try it…


Then a faster/easier option might just be cerium oxide with a buffer?

Though I’m thinking the oxalic acid in BKF may aid in the removal of the aluminum marks :thinking:


Cerium, optical silica, zirconium oxide, diamond compound, boron nitride compound, etc. Maybe even my SRC pad. It is an easy fix.


Pads are currently experimental. I have done up some crack and peal 3 inch pads for beta testers. Just ordered a bunch of 5 and 6 inch velcro backed felt bases for the slow release formula.