WFP for storefront


Anybody use WFP for storefront commercial route? How’s that work out for you? I’m considering a test run but pretty expensive test run cuz I’ll need a van mount unit.


i do on some i like it its pretty fast. but ive had a van and i just mounted my unit in van. run hose to supply at each stop. haven’t seen a big need for tank yet


I thought about that. Was just thinking speed with the tank/pump unit. Customers complain about the water all over? Thank you for the input


not in our area and we go early dries fast.


I use Wfp on storefront all the time. It’s really a plus for the bigger complexes that take all day cleaning traditional. I used to worry about complaints of the hose being in the way or water, but it’s really not much water. I gets around anyway. People have asked me why I bother with a wet floor sign so I don’t think I’ll have an issue. I still put the sign out, liability and all that. Once I’ve done a place one time I can cruise through amazingly fast on repeat cleans.


Yes I do. I use a portable pumped 25l container. Clean before opening time if leaving water behind is a concern. It is no different from a shower of rain. Only a problem in freezing weather as we should not create an ice trail.

What customers like is that the frames, which get very dirty in high vehicle traffic areas, keep spotless.