WCR Member vehicles and setups


Still thinking about the Scion XB. Liked this article…

Downsize to Rightsize: Service Fleet Leaps into the Scion xB - Business Fleet


That’s a great article. If an HVAC company can do it, certainly some window cleaners can!


Looks good, but beware the underbuy. If you NEED a half ton now, buy a 3/4 ton. If you NEED a 6’ bed now, buy an 8’ bed. Experience talking.


thats a cool set up and highly organized too. We use a honda element as one of our vehicles and its great. Here is a picture of it.


Just went to check one out. I thought they had a door that opened from the side, but they flip up and I would like to be able to carry a 24’ ladder on it.

I think I’m also going to check out the Nissan Cube too see how that back door opens up.


With my first gen xB, an extension ladder does impede the back door a bit. I could build up the rack a couple inches, and it would be fine, I just haven’t gotten around to that yet.


Good point. In the case of the article, the business had been running a full fleet for quite some time- they already knew exactly what they “needed”. It was a gradual process of experimentation and downsizing. But it does illustrate the point that we usually [I]think[/I] we need more than we [I]actually[/I] do. Not to discount your experience, though.

I got a kick out of the fact that they pulled apart a rental to test their concept :wink:


In my own case I already have a couple pickups for bigger stuff. I want something to beat around town with our logo on it for commercial work.


Finally getting my own pics up. Just recently got mostly everything set-up.

This truck is my personal daily driver as well so I have set it up so everything can be removed easily. I can load or unload everything in 5 to 10 min.

I put most of my small gear in plastic bins that can stack and are easy to take in and out.

The duffel bag in the back seat has my printer in it. There is a side zipper that allows me to load and retrieve paper. It plugs into the inverter I mounted behind the back seat. I can plug it in, turn it on and print from my ipad in approx. 3 min.

I have a 6 gallon container that I put on the floor behind the front passenger seat. Recently I have gone out with temps around 27 degrees. I fill the container with hot water and since it’s inside the cab it stays pretty warm for several hours.

My squeegee/blade bin is probably the most expensive way I could possibly come up with to transport squeegees but I am happy with it. Behind the blade holder are some other handles and several sizes of rubber. The long blades in the pics are 18".


The rest of the pics.


Hella sweet ride! :smiley: Love those Tundra cabs. Nice art work imaging as well. Mind sharing the company’s name here who did the body wrap?


How did a boat come into the picture - hehehe - do you run a window cleaning business from your boat? :slight_smile: Nice boat though I’m dead seri


Pressure washer and pure water system with 4 hose reels 100 ft pw hose 166 ft wfp hose 50 ft garden hose and 200 ft 1/4 hose

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I am not sure if this was for me or not since I have a Tacoma not a Tundra and don’t have a body wrap. If it was thanks and the window decals were from Fastsigns.


I forgot all about this post. Here are some pics of the new truck (2012 Tundra limited).


Sorry for multiple posts but limit to 5 pics for post and wanted to show the setup.


Wow. That stops traffic. Makes our Tundra look very,very, boring.


Last one.


Wow Art, I didn’t think you could out-do the Tacoma, but this is beautiful. I like the way the signs raise up to access the bed rail boxes. That boxes and drawers are very well set up. Damn nice rig.


From what I remember you’ve been on this truck project for some time. You did a great job, looks awesome.