I was teaching a new guy a while back and, after watching several videos of guys using pivot tools, I realized I do it a little different. It doesn’t matter how you do it, just that the glass is good when you’re done.

So here’s the video the guy took while I was teaching him with a little different take on the pivoting action.

(Oh, and you guys with the legit channels (@TheWindowCleanse, @Luke, et al) you got my respect since it’s a pain in the butt to edit videos. sheesh)


That’s great video.
See you are left handed with the squeegee.
I do the same way as you but as you can see it’s done right handed.
But so long it works for you.:face_with_raised_eyebrow::smile:


Nice job jared. Join the dark side!


Naw, I’d rather leave the video editing to the professionals!


Nice video Jared.

Well, you look different than I pictured in my mind. I imagined you as some skinny, long haired, young hippy. :rofl:



Nope just a big Mexican! Definitely not a hippy!


I like your technique. Seems faster than the PolznBladz style everybody seems to be using. Didn’t time it with a stop watch but my gut tells me that it’s more efficient.


You mean the clear right, clear left, and feather down the middle technique? Yeah mine might be faster but it’s not as pretty.

I very rarely close on the bottom when using a pole and never bottom over a door.

What I like about the pivot tools is that you rarely have to detail if ever at all because of the angle. I’d be curious if you took the end clips of an excelerator, you’d probably get the same results depending on the angle you use on the handle. It’s just the way the channel lays on the glass.


Ya! That’s it. I timed two SteveO videos and the one where he straight pulls the storefront account was actually way faster than the one where he uses the fancy shmancy method PolznBladz likes to use. I wonder if your method would be as fast as straight pulls.

Can you use an Unger zero degree squeegee to fan those windows or does it have to be a legitimate wagtail style squeegee?


Its definitely faster than straight pulls because of no detailing. But I’d do straight pulls on certain jobs just because of the configuration. So it’s a per situation type thing.

I think I made this video because last year you had a job that looked similar to this? I think it was you.

You could use an Unger, in the video I’m using a cut dogeared ettore. Unless wagtail has changed their handles again… The handle used to accommodate any regular channel not sure if it’s been changed. The moerman will hold a regular channel and does the same as wagtail. Moerman would be better because it clamps the rubber like Unger.


Not me. I only post other people washing windows. Haha


Are you talking about the Unger zero degree handle?


Great video, it’s fast and to me, it’s very pretty.


No, I didn’t catch the handle part - I thought you were talking about the unger channels. I don’t think you could use the handle because of the specific angle needed for a good pivot. Wagtail has that nailed and the moerman has adjustments. I can’t remember which angle was needed for the moerman, but I think it was the 25 degrees…


Was hoping to catch a glimpse of the Samurai BOAB, but denied! The wait continues, but the Wag skills were still a joy to watch, and gave me an idea for a PITA monthly where I have been struggling to come up with the right technique / tool setup to get it done faster.


I close out to the side 99percent of the time.
Also found that you have to adjust the angle of squeegee to the glass at different heights. (Angle Adapter)
But found over the years there is many different ways each his/her own.
Here is a example of doing straight pulls while still fanning with a pole.



Looks good. I too am often doing the ‘under the solution’ method and just begging someone to say “missed a spot”.


Yeah, when I started waggin this location, it saved me a TON of time just in detailing those upper windows. Then when I moved to a 21" squeegee, I saved even more time. Probably went from a 45 min job to a 25 minute job.

@HE_MAN Yeah, I close to the side probably 99% of the time too. But I think your patented lower glass poling skills are still witchcraft! I just can’t do that.


Good training video Jared.