Vendors list


ah ok. i took that wrong.


Honestly I would say 95% but gave some room for error at 90+%

Again, what would you estimate the percentage?


I grossed more with commercial (annual/biannual 1-3 story office buildings, banks, hotels, lodges) than resi or storefront but I didn’t respond because:
a. the OP abandoned this thread,
b. there is no quick and easy “one size fits all” answer. I got those clients through a combination of referrals, Chamber of Commerce networking, FB ads, several pre-existing accounts came from buying the company, pounding pavement, etc. All of which are standard marketing practices.
I see that my marketing for resi and storefront needs improvement.
I am a solo operator for WC. I have an employee for my janitorial accounts.


I do no residential. Zero zip zilch.


Certainly it seems tht 90 plus % of the folks that post here seem to be be very small companies.

It’s just me and my one employee in the field and my wife that does the books.

If you do residential the best lists to get on are neighborhood email lists like Nextdoor. I haven’t done any formal advertising (other than my website) in years.

I don’t know much about getting on vendors lists, but I imagine it’s similar to neighborhood lists. Do a good job for someone and they will hopefully put you on the list.


I am SURE.

Did you have an estimate?


Posting a survey for this would be very helpful and interesting. I don’t know how to post surveys so I’m asking for someone else to post a survey, perhaps @Chris ?


Check that for instructions