Used equipment


Hey friends, I am just starting out. Looking for Used Blue Items Only.


I have some blue suede shoes. But someone stepped on them.


sorry im uneducated what are blue items


Think he’s just looking for blue colored equipment. Maybe to match his company colors. Don’t know just a guess


have a moerman combi that i ordered by accident and i hate lol


Shoot me a pic when you get a chance please


The problem is that a) the used hand equipment (squeegees, et al) will probably be pretty beat unless someone cleans out their “I didn’t like it” box and b) you’ll probably pay more in shipping used equipment than you would just buying new equipment.


Got to agree with this !! Used power washer , used WFP, used ladders , An stuff like that yes . Squeegees , An whatnot buy new.


Ok wish list…

Blue Ettore bucket, blue water bucket, blue mop handle and throw in some clips for towels.




Go make money. Get blue as you go. Buy a blue hat and blue shirt and get that embroidered. Who cares what color the equipment is. I’m brand new and like blue too, but not worried about blue equipment. Thanks…go make money.