Uni-valve Install


Check it out: Uni-valve


Does installing the Uni valve restrict pressure out the brush head?

What is the id size on it


It does use a barb so yes it would restrict some
Flow. The ID is 3/16 and the barb goes inside the hose. We have not had any complaints about water flow restrictions


I will also note that we have NEVER had to replace one of these units unlike its earlier counterpart.


Hey John, can these be used on the exterior of the pole?


Not really unless you have some way to secure it to the pole so tension can be kept when pulling on it.


zip tie it to the pole?


I’ve not seen it done but I suppose it would work.


No only inside the pole


I have one in my 35’ carbon fiber and I like it a lot. Definitely recommend using as intended in the pole due to it needing to be secure to work right. Clamping to the outside has too much risk of pole damage if you got it tight enough to work right. I think it is great and haven’t run into any issue with it at all. I use a push connection on the hose right where it comes out of the pole when fully extended so I don’t have to deal with a long hose on the pole when storing it.