Unger nlite hydro power anyone try it yet?


Can you tell me where to find those fittings? Really cheaply made and it gushes water out of the female adapter when i turn the hose on.


Just figured it out. I was able to get a pipe fitting adapter, then a better nipple and female attachment instead of the factory made one and found it all at the hardware store! Works like a charm. Now time to go make some money!


Hey Julie!
I just got a chance to see these emails.
I’m glad you figured out a good alternative. What I have done is attach a polybraid hose to the inlet fitting to take away a bit of the stress on the connection. It helps, but it’s still unwieldy. The new Hydropowers have a better fitting at the inlet, but still not great.
So you got a male garden hose to male pipe? Plastic or metal?


I use hydropower often, works great, this year I started refilling my own bags with bulk resin, saves huge $$$ doing that, seems to have lasted longer per bag too, high tds here in northwest BC 120- 680.
Used old bags of resin at my dads house, 20ppm hose water, hydropower went back to 0 even with old resin.

Although, mine currently has a duck taped handle from a fall, and leaky fittings, the top quick connect broke, and was a pain to find replacement. Plastic parts all round are disappointing for the price point…

I do get funny looks from every house using it, until I explain the science behind it, and that I’m not just spraying hose water on their home. Looks legit pulling it out of the truck and telling them about the water quality they have.
No problems with flow for me, I only have 30ft pole.


Mine was wet when it arrived also. WCR informed me that it was because they pressure check the system. Funny thing is that I just completed my third residential job with my new Unger 2 stage system and I’m already reading 64 on my TDS meter AND I was being as conservative as possible with the water use! I think that’s obscene considering I just paid over $1700 for this system and I only got 3 - 2story houses out of it and now I have to spend another$140.00 for 2 new resin bags! I’m not yet to the point of believing I got ripped-off in this deal, but I gotta tell you guys that I am extremely disappointed with the performance of this system so far. If anyone thinks I’m off base here please let me know. Or if anyone has any suggestions on how I might improve the efficacy of this POS I’m totally open to that as well.


What’s your incoming tds?


Yikes…960! That may explain alot


Wow 960 tds thats crazy! It explains everything! :wink:


That’s the ticket :wink:

You’ll need an ro membrane stat


even with ro you will go through di but without it you better buy shares in a di resin manufacturer.


might be easier to stick to traditional


Would an inline carbon block filter work?


Do you mean to bring the tds down? If so, not much. Probably not at all to a perceptive degree. Use the carbon filter to protect the RO membrane.


the carbon filter is important to remove chlorine which is death to ro membranes also larger particles i have never measured tds after the carbon/sed filter hmmmm.


When Unger first release this machine the data they gave out was 300 to 600 gallons per bag based upon water quality. Each bag contains 6 L of resin I highly recommend you put your brush into a window cleaning bucket and Time how many gallons is coming out of your brush in one minute it should be 1/2 gallon or less. One of the disadvantages of an on-demand system is you waste a lot of water You may want to consider a delivery system with a pump control this is a great way to conserve water usage. Something as small as even a 25 to 30 gallon tank.
Feel free to contact me and I can help you set it up in the least expensive way possible


Got it…thank you for your input… Much appreciated!


To what degree does a RO filter affect water flow?


It greatly diminishes flow. With 80 psi pressure coming in you may be able to get 2 to 3 liters a minute. This doesn’t sound like much but it’s more than you need to clean windows. This is especially true when you use di water. It cleans very thoroughly.

If you have lower pressure you’ll need a booster pump. What is your psi at the tap?


I’ve used mine several times, I have the one bag system and I’m still
reading 0, sometimes it switches to 1 and then back to 0. I did add an
inline carbon pre filter. I live in BC and we have pretty soft water so
that could be why it’s lasting longer. Is there a chance the tds meter is
not reading correctly on your machine? Do you have an external tds meter
to check it? I’ve been considering getting one myself to verify that the
built in one is reading correctly, they’re only $20.


I would like to talk with you more about this if you could email me at mrshine.kc@gmail.com