Underbid a buffet. How risky is it too go back and give the right bid?


I underbid a golden corral resteraunt at 200 bucks twice a month. I know thats my fault but it has like 120 french panes including 71 other windows and I didn’t realize I underbid it so much until today. I knkw they are looking for a window cleaner but that job would take me forever. I haven’t got the job yet I just dropped a card off.


Be prepared too lose the account.

In my estimation that act would be highly unprofessional. I personally know others that have gone back and said they made a mistake but my clientele would baulk imo


I didn’t get the job yet I just dropped a card off with a price. I may just risk it because its probably not worth it at that price




I talked to manager.


When you say 120 French windows,what do you mean ? Individual panes or sets?


Individual panes and I have to do both sides.


I think it’s doable…you just have to work fast .


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Well what’s you gut tell you Jonathan tell you about going back and changing your bid?

My question is why/how did you bid it wrong when you where at the location giving out the card and your price?


@wcs Thanks for the help. I counted 71 panes and then 94 individual french panes. I gave them a price of 240. They looked shocked at how high it was but then said “yeah we are looking for a window cleaner” so I tols them a twice a month price I could drop it too 200 and thats what I left them with. Then I looked online and notice there are like 30 more french panes I missed. The job would take me forever I have never even done french panes. It was just another dumb rookie mistake.


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A word of advice, when you bid a job (which is what you did), even if you screwed up, you need to learn to stick to the price for 6-12 months. Give yourself time to prove to them, if you need to bump the price, that you ARE worth the extra money.

As it is, you look like a goober to this manager. You bid a price, now you are going back to jump the price.
1 You are gonna look like a bait and switcher. In the best case scenario, you’ll look like a chump to the manager.
2 You are building a bad reputation jumping prices before you even DO the job. People talk. I’m pretty sure this manager knows other people in business. What happens when he tells people what you did to him?

You can either eat the loss, build a good reputation and happy clients, and move on. OR, you can jump the price, piss the guy off, and risk him badmouthing you to other people that may never use you because of the feeling of maybe you’ll try to cheat them too.

To me, it’s your business. It doesn’t matter to me either way. Just want it out in the open what possibilities there are.


Not risky at all. Unless they’re only choosing the lowest bidder. However, if you’ve already done the work you have an edge because they know the quality they’ll be getting.

Be honest with them and tell them you screwed the pooch. I know million dollar outfits that screw up. Happens all the time. Nobody’s perfect.

Unprofessional? Nah.
I knew an older guy (older than me if you can believe that) who made a grip, still does, and at times will use the “I screwed up on my bid” to adjust the price if he finds out what the other numbers were so he’d be in the middle.

Thats before he got the gigs.

I disagree about doing it for 6 months if you know you screwed up.
I do agree with the part about making it sting, kinda like a self punishment thing I guess…I do it at times too so I won’t ever make that mistake again…but not for 6 months. Maybe one time.

Hoosier…I agree about the bait and switch, but I don’t think they’d see it that way if the price is itemized, explained and justified (laid out in a manner that they could understand). I’m sure the manager screwed up a few times on peoples hours once or twice right?


Sounds like the restaurant is “Wood Grill Buffet”?


@HoosierSqueegee Thanks for the advice. Honestly roght now the job could take me 8 hrs but if once I get faster I could do it on 4 or 5 it would be worth it. I drive 30 mins to make a hundred a day now and this is a 200 dollar job right down the road. If this is every two weeks this job could be my ticket to going part time at my day job which is my goal. I have never done french panes tho so im intimidates.


I wouldn’t sweat the French panes, with practice you will get a lot faster at them . I prefer to fan them if possible .


@Timetoshine1 Golden corral