Today's job


Today’s job was awseome!! Untill I got on the other side of the building and realized that I couldn’t finish today because concrete guys were cutting into concrete!!! Dust everywhere :no_mouth: oh well I’ll finish tomorrow.



Spider webs


That has to be the nicest bus stop that I have ever seen lol.


Thanks man! I have been buy it over a dozen times and it’s been mocking me every time. So on that day I had some time to give it a facelift. I have done a couple others around town as well. Not in it for the money or anything. I just like driving by them now and saying “damn that is some clean looking glass.” Wounder if anybody else adopts some sad looking bus stop glass?


Every time I pass one, I’ll be thinking of you lol


Umm, your welcome? :slight_smile:


I guess I could have stated that I would he thinking of cleaning it to post one for ya lol. We don’t have bus stops that nice though


It’s all good man, I got what you were saying


Hate this job but love the pay. Plus it enabled me to book two more large jobs and a small one, all three for next week. Worth the aggravation.
Yes, those individual cutups bleed! Argghh.


Thought about something like this to do away with bleeding?

Whenever I come across windows with a outside decorative frame, blowing air afterwards gets rid of bleed.


These smeared on the glass as soon as the scrubber touched the frames. They were also extra dirty because of the hurricane that recently passed through. A lot of detailing on each of the cutups. I don’t see how compressed air would have helped on this job.


NICE job Garry!


Couldn’t you use it to push the bleeding out faster, from top to bottom? I can see the compressed air working. Not enough experience to say though


I think you misunderstood what I meant by “bleeding”.
I am talking about the white chalky mess that many old aluminum painted and vinyl frames leach out. It leaves a white mess on the glass. Not talking excess water around the frame.


Well over 400 panes of glass. Darn near killed the wife today…hopefully she’ll start speaking to me again tomorrow. Seriously she killed today and we ended up picking up a great customer.

“I don’t do always do residential. But when I do, I prefer monsters. Stay thirsty my friends”


how much for that house?


Office plaza. 5 hours worth.


Had to go do a quote for this place today, have to email it later once I figure out the numbers, price wont matter I don’t think I was recommended by one of my customers who I wash and windows every 12 months for big bucks this house is bigger than that but I should be able to knock it all out in a day parts washed, gutter inspection, leaf catches to be cleaned out, all glass in/out oh and the gate house LOL.


That guy is living the dream! You might need a suit showing up in a place like that