Time to ditch the full time job...I think!


So,I have been working my business part time since Early April 2017. I work a full time job and the hours are great…3 days on, 4 off, 4 days on 3 off…12hr shifts. It allows me to work my business 2 and 3 days a week…Sundays are my sanity days!

However, I have been getting steady work…window cleaning, gutter cleaning and house washing. in the last week,I have actually landed about 9 accounts…and today, I picked up 4 more!..when you factor in my existing recurring commercial accounts. I can not effectively schedule these jobs within the days I have to work the business…I am calling in sick to my full time job Wednesday to get things done,but my boss knows I have a business…and I think this could get me booted right out the door.

But here’s the thing…I think it may be time to just ditch the full time job and work my business full time…100% all in and balls to the wall!..I am already grossing more in my business each week than I am grossing at my full time job…seems like a no brainer to me…

What do you all think…what did you do when faced with this kind of decision?..


If you decide to quit your full time job, good luck.

Here is one of the piece of advice that i have read here when your first starting out on your own… (he has said it many times)… :wink:


Go for it man. Go all out and don’t look back. But is there a slow period coming up that may screw you? Winter? When I decided to do it I was offered a job for 16 an hour cleaning carpets. Which is good money here in Idaho. 16 x 40 hours a week is 640. Working for myself now doing the carpets and windows I usually have one day a week where I make around 600 dollars. Easily make that in 2 days. The possibilities are endless.


It’s great that you have the confidence and are getting market share. Just be sure to set some earnings aside for surprise expenses and learn to deal with the peaks and valleys.


I agree 100% with that!..luckily I live a pretty simple lifestyle anyway.


Go for it bro! Congrats and good luck. There’s always part time work to supplement missing pay during theslow times.


Jumping in head first was the best thing I ever did last August. I’m going on 10 months full time and haven’t ever looked back!

I would suggest though, if you are not married and/or do not have a way into someone’s insurance, think twice! Self employment health insurance is SUPER expensive. It’s a ton easier to hop on the wife’s insurance.


Just to give an update on the decision I was facing…As I was scheduling some new jobs tonight, I realized that I can no longer effectively schedule these jobs on a part time schedule…I usually take Sundays off, but I had to schedule a big job for a Restaurant Franchise in order to not lose it…and that resulted in gaining about 6 or 7 additional Restaurants for this Franchise!,…It will be hard to schedule all those plus all the new clients I am getting…on a part time basis…and I simply do not have time anymore to go get new business…even though it’s actually all coming TO me…I find it hard to go do estimates as well as actually canvas for business.

The thing that solidified the decision for me…??..I just scheduled work for 3 days in the first week of august…totaling $1,020.00…my first thousand dollar week!..I ask myself how much more that could be if I could actually go out and get more work!

So wish me luck my friends!..I’m jumping off the deep end…and it’s gonna be the best decision of my life!


Give er’ bro! Congrats and good luck!


Thanks!..I’m scared out of my mind and crazy excited all at once LOL…thinking it over tonight, I felt deep in my gut that the only way to find success in this business is to go all in…right now.


It’s the only way. There’s always a fall back!

But you won’t need it :wink:


Welcome to the business. Lol.

Nothing’s handed. Everything is earned. Good luck!