Storefront Pricing


What would you price this storefront. Im new to storefronts. Owner wants inside and outs twice a month. Thank you.


30.00 in/out




Easy 15 minutes top :sunglasses:


Over 9000!!


Oh yeah? I could that in 10 minutes with my 10" excelerator! I use my propritory telekinesis technique. Patent Pending. :alien: If I wasn’t alien I would charge around 70. I usually charge around 5 per for those floor to ceiling panes, depending on access, etc. I am high for my area, and so think my area is higher than some other parts of the country, though I am not the only one in my area charging those prices.


One time in out $115

Monthly in out $85
Monthly out only $45


Must not be a Fish franchise in town where you live with those high prices. 2 dollars a pane is average price and you can still make 50 and hour.


Wow :open_mouth:.
The one time price is fine , but the maintenance clean price is high. If your getting that good for you. Keep rocking🤘


Dang you got some mad skills then bro, if you got a proprietary technique that diffenitly explains your pricing. Lol


Haha, yeah, I wish I could actually claim that. Not many people do a god job in my area, and I try to leave the glass in the same condition as I would a home, which takes more time. Even fish charges pretty decent prices in my area compared to what I have seen others post on here.


I would hit them for $39. 30 min should be more than enough…I never give even numbers…looks like your guessing.


I agree with the 45/85 price. Going to try a new pricing structure this week. I call it my 2,3,4 system. Two per side for small, three per side for medium size plates. And four per side for large plates. Do the math then price point at five dollar increments. So 22 becomes 20 and 23 becomes 25. If I were to price my current jobs this way it would net a hundred an hour. My theory is that this system will work best on smaller jobs with around ten plates. Stores with lots of windows would end up too high. So they would have to be done quarterly instead of once a month or every other week. We will see.



I’d be at $30 monthly in and out. Careful with that heavy ass neon!


Expensive to replace, have a plan of action to clean around it. There is a charge for that.
There are very few windows I will do for $1.00. $2.00 is a more reasonable starting point.