Store front pricing ( I know this has been asked)


Like I said I was just curious on how much experience you have dealing with route work.

I understand that, this a great place to learn the business and many many folks here will help you with advice.

No problem.




I’m not telling him to price it low, I’m letting him know that when you first start out and you bid the job correctly, you’re not gonna make what a pro does per hour. If he says that job is going to take an hour and a half for him to do it, and he bids it accordingly he is not going to make what I do per hour because that job wouldn’t take me longer than 30 min to do. Bid it right, take your time and learn, most the time bit the bullet.


Yeah I want to bid the job like I would if I was as fast as a pro. Thats why its hard for me to bid with a how long will it take me formula. If I bid to 50-60 dollars an hour with my current speed I would bid this job at like 100 bucks or more and that is way too high.
Edit: So I called on my lunch break and got corporate office number. They said they have the employees do it. Ill check back in a month or two…


Do have have a question in regards to window cleaning?


Just wanted to correspond. Thanks.