Why dont we start discussing our our preferences of drying materials (rags, sponges, chamois)? Ill start by saying that I prefer a synthetic chamois to a sponge of any sort. a close second to them in absorbency, and minimal bulk, you can hang it from a belt loop, or over the shoulder (crap for detailing, though.) use one to wipe your squeegee when straight squeegeeing, and you may never need to cut-in again. for detailing, I say you cant go wrong with surgical towels. How about you guys?:confused:


Surgical towels for me. Cheap and work well. You can load your pockets and belt with them and if your hitting your edges your rubber you can do an entire house with only a handful.


I prefer surgical towels for detailing, micros and/or synthetice chamois’ on frames and sills (general wiping up), and sponges for tracks and frames. I also like the ultra fine Micos (like the green Unger’s) for french panes, light fixtures and mirrors.
Not to high-jack this thread, but for you guys that have multiple crews (like Chris and Alex) - what do you do about washing all those towels? Last year when I had 2-4 employees it seemed like I had a large load every day or two - I can’t imagine what it would be like if you had 20-30 employees (must be like owning a laundy mat :slight_smile: )


I use Irish Scrim every time. Unger micro for detailing lettering.


We have one washer and two dryers. Each towel bin has 50 or so towels in it. Just throw two bins in the washer and evenly split them up between the two dryers. Repeat until they are all done. Just have to keep on top of it.