Should I join the chamber of commerce?


Have any of you joined your local chamber of commerce and did it help you get new accounts? Did it help you in any other way?


Sure, join if you want to be involved in your community. But don’t join if your goal is to get new accounts. I’ve gotten zero new accounts from it, but the chamber in my area is an independent one so they tend to fight for the small businesses.


I have got referrals from my Chamber membership, did $100 of WC and $1k of carpet cleaning for the Chamber, got a job from a member while at a meeting and did a job for a Chamber staff’s residence.


If your chamber is active and you use it correctly it is worth joining.


Thank you for this post. I did not know about it and looking at my cities, I think that I’ll join once going full time. Looks like good networking and some decent deals.