Scratches on windows


Your missing the point, this is exactly what you not supposed to do on any tempered glass, older glass you probably may not encounter it, most manufactures now state not to use scrapers as it will likely cause scratches.

The problem comes back to window cleaners we expect he glass to be free from micro particles, as we had the luxury of in the past. The thing is these micro particles are not visible to the naked eye, nor do they impose any structural defects to the glass as a whole. So for all intents and purposes the glass is flawless, unit you start dragging a scraper over it, then the micro particles get dislodged and cause damage.

So now the window cleaning community has the sole responsibility to educate every trade who works near the glass that it should be covered to prevent any deposits of construction debris. In my area about half a dozen builders have started to cover new constructions as they have been stung by full house window replacements due to hiring the cheapest cleaner, who went out of business due to the damage, so the builder was left with the bill.


Just had a bid on a Hamspon Inn that is projected to be competed on June.

After discussion, no poly or any protection was intended to protect glass once installed.

I presented them with GANA info and they were impressed and surprised that they weren’t aware until now.

My price was higher than normal, they will now be covering glass once installed.

For me this is a win, making a professional connection with this company, get glass protected making cleaning much easier.


Whatever happened with this incident?

It is common to hear of these incidents but rarely do we hear the resolution. We can learn just as much from the resolution.


My insurance will not pay, so I’m stuck with it. Some where between $4,000 and $5,000! We are looking for a glass installer right now.


Did you consult with Glass Renu to see if it is fixable?

This has happened to me but I was able to prove the glass was defective (I think). I called Dan Field’s for advise. He suggested I document every piece of glass in the house inside and outside. I then sent a letter to the owner and builder with all my documentation and mentioned I used the same technique (with a scraper) on every piece of glass in the house, inside and outside. Many pieces of temepered glass were scratched while many weren’t. I never heard back from the customer or builder.

Maybe I got lucky but what I didn’t do was take the blame or lay blame on anyone. This was years ago and maybe things have changed. I do not remember there being any stickers or documentation saying razor blades were not allowed on the glass.

Good luck to you!


Not the safest way but i used the blade this way. If you used De Nature alcohol and fabric soften help too!

The blade does not dig into the window this way.


That is totally unsafe for starters, secondly the blade is still will not deform to surface debris like a rubber will so its still gonna do damage, maybe you do not have poor quality tempered glass to test it on, I actually saw this a few years ago and tested it out, still tore the glass up.


Mind if I ask why the Insurance denied? It was an employee that did the damage correct?


No, I was the one who evidently scratched the glass. The insurance company apparently will not insure glass that they believe was cleaned incorrectly.


Not to be pedantic, but what exactly DO they cover?

Also, have you looked at any legal advise as insurance companies do tend to deny anything they don’t t want to pay for?


If the insurance company is claiming they will not ensure glass that was cleaned in a incorrect way that would mean insurance companies will start not taking scratch claims because manufacturers state not to use razor blades?

Although this can be a serious reason.

Accidents happen in many industries due to neglect and still covered.

I think you mean you weren’t covered for glass working directly on?




Have you had milgrad take a look at the glass /windows ? They might be able to put under their warranty , or maybe they can just replace the glass and not the intere window . It’s just hard to believe that you would leave and not notice the scratches. Do you blade straight up? I notice most blade left to right .


Generally speaking a homeowner will know what the glass is-- the builder should be discussing this. I can’t tell you how many customers I have done that get brand new windows, hire a “CCU guy” (who normally is a painter, or works for the window install company) and they destroy the glass. In fact, I just did a job on Thursday-- brand new house about 2-3 million-- and the glass is completely trashed due to the install company scratching it with their “post CCU” guy. The lady is pissed, rightfully so-- we just cleaned it with traditional tools and WFP. That is why we don’t get into that, I don’t care if you can make 100-200 an hour-- if its tempered glass it’s going to cause problems cleaning it up after the mess they leave behind.

Over the last 2-3 months I have seen MULTIPLE “brand new” or 2-3 year old windows having to be replaced due to the double pane seal being broken. Now since this is happening in the same community, it might just be the same company. I had a call back from a customer I did for my employer and said— quote “I’ve never complained in 15 years of you doing my windows, but this place looks terrible”-- so I went back, she thought I didn’t clean the insides-- the seal was busted ans the double pane glass has been fogged-- I cleaned 1 window in/out and she apologized to me and was right on the phone with their window installer screaming. Rightfully so! I’m not going to throw anybody under the bus, but if you are paying 80-150k for windows, they better be scratch free. Everybody will try to “blame the window guy”-- LOL, let the CCU for the window installer take that hit.


Don’t get me wrong, I have seen countless commercial jobs that look like that, just haven’t really run into it on residential in 15 years. I generally walk the house with “new” customers and show them any problems I see before we even get started. Or if I am cleaning using my microfiber Ettore, and notice scratches I will stop everything I am doing and show them. I always feel showing them BEFORE you were to do any cleanup is a good way of handling it. If I bring it to THEIR attention, BEFORE any blade to glass-- they at least have an idea. I’m not here to mess up your glass, I’m here to make them SHINE…


I agree with you about post construction cleans and they hire the cheapest guy syndrome. Some homeowners are getting smarter in my area because they’ve learned the hard way in the past. One guy pressure washed their skylight glass to clean it and it was leaking while the customer was under it, and the other customer, had a guy use their razor on their glass after 10 years not using it. Both had to replace those windows.


Exactly AllStarWCM. I wonder if it’s possible that pressure cleaning can bust these seals on the double-paned glass. Because truthfully, I’m starting to wonder (Most of the customers will get their home Pressure Cleaned before we come). I do not know much about PW, so that is not for me to say.

I’m not saying the “low bid” is the one who is going to ruin your glass. Let’s get real here, you can charge your “7-10 dollars a window” and still scratch the glass…I agree with Steve above you must be educated on the kinds of glass.


You aren’t supposed to use high pressure to clean a home, and windows I’m sure, are not made to hold up to high pressure like that. I’m sure if some putz is blasting them with 4k PSI, it’s contributing to blown seals.


I agree :+1:t4:. There are still “window Cleaners” that still pull out their scraper thinking I’ve done this a thousand times to every window and so trust me I’m a pro. I’ve learned from the very beginning when I used a razor on some tempered windows in a garage, and my helper that time (who actually was my competition business) shouted “dude you can’t use a razor you’re scratching the glass” as he was on the other side of the window. I could’ve ruined the whole house if he wasn’t mentoring me that day!


Ah thanks man, like I said I have never really gone into that route. Two of my good friends have ventured into it within the last 2 years. They had hundreds of window cleaning accounts, figured why not add on the service and generate found money? I think he spent around 10-15k for the setup and trailer. 8gpm machine, cleans fast. I’ve helped him over the years but window cleaning is my wheelhouse. Then my other friend is into this “soft washing”, hey anyway you can generate more business is fine by me.

Both of my friends will not take off any paint, ect. I don’t blame them, hell one of them won’t even do the hard water stains-- also don’t blame him LOL.