Questions on WFP, Housecall Pro, seeking help


Hey all, I’ve been reading for over a year and am finally posting.

I’m starting out like a lot on here. Laid off, and broke in under a year.

I need to start selling, but getting licensing in order is taking a lot longer (by about 3 weeks) and costing more than I anticipated (about 40% more).

Selling nothing, I have about 4 months left before dipping into personal credit (which I do not want to be doing) and family help which I’d like to avoid.

I do have access to a loan for equipment and advertising and I’ve written a pretty fantastic business plan complete with financial forecasts, risk management, branding, mission and vision, etc.

I’m currently using Quickbooks Online for estimates, invoicing and sales receipts and a mixture of QBO payment (worst customer support ever) and square payment (super not bad).

I can live with the current setup, but I can see that once volume starts to build, I’m going to need something more streamlined and reliable so HCP seems (I need more time to research) like a good direction.

I was watching Luke and Rihanna and they were recommending going with HCP right off the hop because it’s a pain to migrate the data after the fact. With my financials in mind, is it still a worthy investment for me to pay $30/month when I have very few current clients?

Does it change things if I’m used to data migration and really technically savvy (former IT guy), or is it just a major pain either way? There’s a QBO plugin for HCP. Does that change things?

I’m almost able to sell and it’s kind of killing me having to wait especially this late in the season.

Is there any other advice you wish you were told when you started? Any advise starting this late in the season?


I’m not familiar with QBO or HCP but I have The Customer Factor ($300 annual) for invoicing and I like the unlimited client list and the estimate and notes saving feature.

If you have to start late in the season that is just what you are stuck with. Maybe you will get customers who were supposed to get serviced by “that other guy” if he is a no-show and doesn’t last through the season.


I have to agree with Luke get started now with a CRM. It will help you automate your system so when you get real busy it’s seemless. When I started all we used was 3by5 cards. Now you have a smorgasbord to choose from. Maybe do a Ben Franklin cross and compare what you get from each and go with the best deal.


Never heard of that. I looked it up and I’m going to spend some time learning about it. Thanks


Thanks for the thoughts.

I hadn’t heard of the customer factor before. I’ll look them up.