Pricing for small storefront in strip mall outside only


According to the storefront blitz video this storefront would be a small storefront for about 20-25 bucks. Is 10-12 bucks for outside reasonable? If i only got one in the strip it would be a waste of time but if I got 2 or 3 in the strip for 10-12 bucks it would be worth my time. Thanks for your help.


How many windows are there? How long will the job take you to complete? Are there any obstacles in the way? How frequently are they wanting the service? These are all questions you need to ask yourself before setting a price.


We need pictures.


Once I get my skill level up I will probably be able to get the outsides done in 10-12 minutes. Im not sure how often they want them done hopefully every two weeks but im not sure. I could literally walk to this strip from my apartement so even if its once a month they want them cleaned if I can get a few stores there that could cover my insurance cost in an hour or so. The ones im charging 10-12 for are outside only. Very small storefront in strip ill try to get pics later. I am also brand new at this.


I would suggest you have a minimum probably $20 but maybe 15 if you’re just starting out


By minimum you mean so even if its just one or two windows it will still be 15 or 20 dollars? Thanks


For that being two windows and outsides I would shot for $10. It’s going to take more time getting out of the car and to bs with the owner than it is to clean the windows.


We love pictures! Can’t really give you a estimate on small details but the others are correct when they say always have a minimum unless that storefront with 3 panes is directly connnected to the other storefront with 17 panes.

I currently have a building just like that. Nail salon has 17 panes. From front heading towards right then 2 on back. However to the left is a door a window then building turns and there’s 2 pane. It’s a tobacco drive through only… so I charge a total price and only charge the DT $4 ext only And the salon $35 INT/EXT takes me about 30 mins max


Its about 6 or 7 windows I was just trying to get an idea of what a minimum is.


You charge the tabacco place 4 bucks?


Yeah because he is directly connected to the other storefront with a good price!

If I get a call from a store front with 4 panes only, no adjacent store. That’s Minimum $20.

But because the nail salon called for a cleaning, and he happened to be there, i asked him if he wanted his windows cleaned for only $4 since his adjacent store has a fair bid. He said, yeah I can’t let my sisters Salon look better than my smoke drive thru…

It all clicked from there lol


Gotcha. So the idea is you can give a good price and still profit from strip malls because of speed and volume.


Yes, but your not always guaranteed to get every single person. Depends on your Area, Im still working on getting the surrounding places around a Round Table Pizza I clean.


Ok I see. If it’s around something you got than I say $20. If not and you have to go out of the way then $25/30


$2/minute ,$25 minimum regardless!


Small storefront stop.


see I would do that for $25 inside out, so we are very comparison. The round table I was for $100 inside out, not counting bottom black row around building. so its 50 panes, quick wash.


yes our minimum is $20 and we have one job that has only two big panes but it takes time to get there, to get our gear on, to give them the invoice, to receive payment all those different things take time and so you have to have a minimum to account for that


Medium storefront stop
50 panes in/out


Time frame to get done.

Man i love that pizza hut lol!