Power Washing Fast Food Grease | Downstreaming and Surface Cleaning



So, what are you doing for the price every month Jordie? Just all the sidewalks?
The drive through concrete looks like it needs a bath too…
How long is this job taking you every month?


This was filmed last year. The deal has changed for this year but it was sidewalks $150/weekly, drive thru/dumpster pad $200 1/mo. $800 per store per month total x 8 stores.

The pricing might not seem to make sense but the sidewalks were what she wanted the most, so i wanted to make sure that’s where i made my money back.

This year it’s “Dirtiest Areas” package. 13 stores cleaned monthly at a lower price. Dumpster, oil spots, gum, entry ways.


I can finish 2 initial cleans this year between 630am-1130am. Hopefully a third one can get squeezed in once maintained.

Last year, i could finish a sidewalk clean in an hour. Steam only, no chemical.


I thought it was a little odd that you have these thick gloves on but are just wearing regular shoes, Personally I don’t wear gloves, but I do wear gum boots when doing flat work. keep those feet dry.


That was weird. I have black rubber boots, knee high. Must have not wanted to make that fashion statement that day, lol.