Olive branch


Since every discussion about FD, waivers, and alternative methods always ends the same I thought it might be more beneficial to offer a symbolic olive branch to those of dissenting opinions.
The IWCA is now engaged in a joint effort w/ GANA. While I think this is unlikely to really resolve the issue of FD I am pleased to see that at least there has been some progress towards agreeing that during construction the windows should be covered. That of course does nothing for the remainder of the windows life and all the debris that will end up on them requiring methods above a strip washer and squeegee to remove.
We will have FD covered windows for the foreseeable future and the important part is educating our customers, builders, an fellow window cleaners as to the danger of this defect and how it can end their business before it begins.
I propose that instead of debating each others technique we instead explain our method and let the individual window cleaners determine how they will deal w/ FD.
If our process is valid it can stand on it’s own merit.


huh? How is that an olive branch?


I guess it’s more agreeing to disagree.
Out of curiosity Michael, what about it didn’t seem to be an olive branch?


The olive branch traditionally symbolizes peace or goodwill. May be loosely based on the Genesis account regarding the receding of the waters after the flood and the rainbow.


Yes Dan, but why couldn’t it be considered an olive branch?


You mean what you proposed in post 1? I agree with you actually. I was just trying to answer Michael’s question in post 2.


So Tony…

Will you also say that this will apply to other issues and different points of view of them, eg TSP or a multiplicity of other points ?

I think your effort here is to help others have respect for others points of view, even if they don’t agree !

So am I walking the line or will this not be encouraged for others opinions ! I hope it will be because there are many opinions here and I believe in respect and honor for others !

Thanks Tony


Thanks Dan.


Dange - just my personal thoughts on this. No guarantees on how others will deal w/ the issues you present.


I am surprised that the iwca has any weight! They sure don’t speak for me nor will I be bound by their weak spine stance on FD.


Mr. Tony,

I’m not opposed to what you’re saying (though if you don’t argue about FD with Larry anymore, then what will I read??), I just don’t think that saying “I think you’re wrong, but I’m not going to argue with you about it anymore…” is exactly an olive branch.

Does that make more sense?


I understand Michael. However I’ve always felt that offering an olive branch is more akin to a live and let live policy not necessarily that you agree w/ each other. Kind of like Egypt and Israel in the 70’s. They had a sort of peaceful relationship (after some negotiations) but I bet they didn’t agree w/ each others stance on a great many things.


Does the customer ever get an olive branch?


I extend the olive branch and whack them with it until they realize how wrong they are.


Not from GANA.


When life gives you olive branches, make olive oil.


forgive my ignorance as I continue to learn the trade from you all.
So I have been reading that some of you mention “alternative” methods that may take longer in order to remove FD if u suspecting it exists.

so what are the methods??? chemical application?

One thing is for sure though right guys…grinding and polishing will remove the scratches and also the FD that caused it correct???
so why not look at that as an upsell???

why not put in the waiver…“tempered glass has possible defects that will result in scratches, you have been warned that if scrathces appear I will not be responsible and you (the customer) will be left with the result. If you would like me to remove the scratches by method of glass restoration, an additional fee will be added.”

now should we all buy our glassrenu kits!?!?


Worded like that it sounds like" I’m going to scratch the windows then charge you to fix em."

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I agree w/ Jay. It could be taken the wrong way. You have the right idea though. Don’t take responsibility for a manufacturing defect. Let me know if the info I sent you helps.


my very first job doing windowcleaning last week I cleaned the exterior of a 15 foot high sliding door - the customer called me when they got home from vacation and said there were scratches. Long story short, I am heading out there tmrrw to assess the damage and will educate them on FD, im glad of all the info on this forum cause prior to knowing about FD i would have been SOL (sh** out of luck)

i did not know about waivers or FD prior to accepting this resi job, so i am going to help the customer out as much as I can since they were also unaware and are kinda blaming me. I still have not seen the scratches yet but i want to fix the situation, so I called up a window restoration company and got a quote and plan to get them out to polish if the scrathces are bad and the customer insist.

it will be my loss but a lesson learned.

ps. thanks Tony for the info, I will print that out and have copys in my van for future jobs.