Old Castle & Other EZ Scratch Glass


I am working on a project regarding tempered glass. But need to locate several one by one foot samples of bad tempered glass. With the tin side very rough and sounding like sandpaper. The kind you would never want to touch with a razor blade in fear of scratching. I remember everyone talking about new castle glass being the worst on the market. Where should I go to buy some of this?



I don’t know about New Castle but old Castle suuuuuucks.


@Henry, I have a current job built less than 1 year ago with the exterior of some being very rough like you stated. My question is why would some be like this while others not?

Seems to me some may be flipped, the tempered Stamp on some are sealed in between thermo while others have stamp facing exterior. This isnt normal, or is it?



I am thinking the stamp should at least be on the same side all the time.

This is the issue that the IWCA Glass Committee has been working on for about ten years now. We have made some great progress. Much more is coming soon.



Thanx Jared,

I will look into Old Castle. Quick Q. Have you ever seen Old Castle tempered that was good?



Old Castle states the stamp can be on either side. Which really seems like an excuse.

What I have observed was a window cleaner hired thru builder scratched alot of glass, 60%. The scratches mainly seem to be in the what seems to be reversed pieces that have the rough surface. Also when using a wfp some rinse/sheet smooth while windows next to them bead.

It is obvious something isnt right. The interior has alot of tall partitions that also each have identical flaws, all Old Castle.


I have a building we have been doing 2 times a year for a long time. It looks just like yours and is Old Castle windows. It has some windows that are very hydrophobic and some hydrophilic right next to each other.


I so wish I could come over to check out that building. Really need to buy some of this glass for experiments!

Thank you!



ihans where are you located in the world? And John I think I know where you are. I would like to visit with you regarding the matter of testing “bad” glass with water. I am working more with the Glass Committee on this technology.



I am in Minnesota, Maple Grove.

From what I have learned there are two Old Castle manufacturer plants. One in Mn, other in WI. It is becoming a pattern that glass out of the WI plant is of better quality with less issue than MN.


Funny thing is the window cleaner damaged nearly 1 million of glass that is not covered and builder isnt pursuing as such a small company wont ever be able to repay for damages.

This will be replaced at some point, as of now it’s a battle how to do it.

I am working with them so I will request a few old windows when it gets replaced. It will be worth researching it.

Not likely happening soon but will keep you informed.


It might be possible to restore. I know someone who could either do it or lead a company. To prove it all you would need do is send a plate to him for him to look at and restore, then send back to you. If interested send me an email. henrygroverjr@gmail.com