New Year Price Adjustments!


Just be consistent. I do the ten bucks, it is just what 4% of my average
job price is, but my invoice says " We add up to a 4% increase annually for
inflation or ten dollars whichever is less" Hope that helps.


Yep the key is to make sure we give them what they pay for. Most people in that income bracket who can afford us know that it is a luxury service. I often get tips written in on top of the increase! People don’t mind paying so long as they get what they are paying for, that is great workmanship! But if you are sending employees out who don’t do a really good job this strategy probably will not work for you long term. People tend to be loyal and trust the one they know. But if you give them reason, like sloppy work, they might just entertain another service provider. There are price shoppers, don;t get me wrong but they are the minority in my experience. They tend to be ordinary people who are older and have smaller homes. I like to give those people a break anyway, but that is just me. Your the boss you can do what you want!