New OSHA regulation requiring ladder safety training?


Just agreeing with you. The law is the law. Should have said they make a lot of stupid laws.


I’m a “W-2 employee” and the president of my s-corp company, am I technically an employee or the owner?




Ah anchors.I used to do a lawyers office in dublin city.They were located in 3 georgian buildings.I used to climb out the windows without anchors for years,the heights or fear never bothered me.Eventually some of there staff said they were nt happy seeing this.They said i would have to use anchors on every window in future…i said absolutely no problem,have someone install them correctly and up to standard and i will have no issue continuing to provide my service.Never heard from them again after that.Still do buildings on that street and there windows remain manky dirty.


Safety training is cheap when you consider the cost of an accident.


For me it’s not about being against safety training at all. It’s about unnecessary rules that not only hinder workers but serve no purpose and don’t provide the safety they claim as their basis.


Complaining about the facts/law is never the right thing to do

I did not say that, some guy did.

Dude be realistic, 99% of people are doing nothing about it. Your choice what percentage you fall into.


Thanks dad.