New Client Requested That I Charge 600 More


I do, I added 5 stories with my insurance agent today. 750 annual premium, but expenses will force me to go out and make that expense double in profit.


On a ladder or lift right? But if he can do them from the inside technically it’s ground floor…?


That’s how I’m viewing it, if I’m inside, on a floor, then why shouldn’t it be considered “floor level”?


That might be how you view it but an insurance company does what ever it can to avoid not paying, here is a scenario " you drop a tool it falls 5 floors and damages or injures someone" they guy who only had coverage up to 3 floors would not be covered no matter how he explained it to the insurance company.

From an earlier pic you posted it seems the external of the glass has some sort of protective film covering the glass during the construction phase which would be ideal and save you many hours since it is high rise type complex if that were here it would be mandatory for all that glass above the ground floor to be tempered that likely mean you will not be able to scrape the glass with a blade on a least one side if not both depending on whether is a double glazed or single and the orientation of the roller side.


I need a sandwich where is my sandwich maker? Is he still around?


It shouldn’t, unless you are the insurance company. I bet you may be surprised if you asked your broker that question. And it would be surprising if those windows actually do open. Suicide prevention you know?


The pic shows one open.

They are sliders. Look oversized almost patio size.


He hasn’t visited the forum in a few months but I talked to him on the phone a short while ago. He is doing well.


First off. I want to say thank you for this website. I too am new to the bis and without this forum I’d probably make the same mistake.
We all are lucky that we can learn from others mistakes and wisdom.
I understand how it is to be excited to get new work. But I have learnt time and time again. Never ever undervalue your time. Forget what the actual work is. You always have to value every second because it is limited.
If you think getting paid even $10/h is good enough to learn how to do ccu. Then go work for someone else to learn. You won’t have to deal with insurance and with something going wrong. You will still learn how to do it and will probably get paid more.
I have nothing but respect for you though. Same for everyone on this forum. I love the fact that we all care enough to leave a response to help each other grow. Some responses may be harsh. But sometimes people need that to understand how important it is.
I’m happy that you made a connection with this contruction clean up. But please learn from this. Under pricing just to get work is never worth it. You want to find the good customers. Not just any customer. Specially when starting out. Because having good customers will keep you in that excited to go to work mentality.
Good luck out there.


Dang that’s about the constructive thing I’ve read in a while!




That’s more than 45 Windows and seeing as it would be the full side and im going on in and out you even at the $800 she requested would be low low low. Here in my area its a norm 3-4-5xs the pane rate for CC.

When she said 3 story and you show up its that I would have walked away after giving her a inflated estimate. If she lied about the floor count even before you started the interaction be ready for more issues.

CC is a totally different type of job and you better be ready for the obstacles (I.e. insurance/bonding etc also in New York you better have min 1mil in vehicle if you bringing truck onsite )** JUST SAW YOU HAVE 2 MIL so bypass that section** :roll_eyes: and most important Scratch waiver.

Im not saying dont do the job but you have to price it enough to cover the charges that will happen before the jobs even starts. Good luck and go slow learn the glass and by the end of the job you will understand why things get priced high.


Exaggeration. Your being dramatic. Guessing he will not ruin himself by missing out on $600.
Now that you got the job do it well. If you see something that you are unsure of google it when you get home and take care of it on day 2.


The majority of people are living hand to mouth. The majority can’t cut a check for 500 bucks. The majority don’t have 1000 bucks in savings.

I’m not being dramatic or exaggerating, that’s a fact of life. I’ve witnessed plenty of people in my life, go tits up financially over the loss of a paycheck or two.

That’s exactly why I shake my head in disbelief at others suggestion that you should quit your day job, and go all in the business. Give up what little security you have to gamble with your financial well being. It’s dumb and the majority of the time, leads to disaster. Unless you are buying a business that is already making good income, it takes time to build a business.


Talk about pointing at the fence for your first construction clean up. How does the ground look around that area of the building? Are you going to be stuck in some deep hole? Good luck by the way


I was just saying that I never discourage people from taking a chance on themselves. Do it part time or full time. What ever it takes. A person is starting out probably because they were unhappy at their current employment. If you underprice a job early in your career learn from it and price the next one better.Its called the learning curve for a reason. You will probably make the same amount if you underbid and have to work a couple hours for free to complete the job as you would being an employee working for someone else. And you will learn more because you care more. Investing in yourself and taking chances is called the American dream.


Hey guys, I love watching the shit stack up with the arguments.

I will be completely straightforward and admit that if someone else landed this job, maybe they could talk about how they would do this.

The fact is, it’s my job, and while I appreciate the advice, I’m still going to be a Stubborn fuckhead and take it. Its my job, my experience, and my mistakes. Maybe Ill fucking bomb the job, although I would never allow that to happen. I’ll fucking leave every God damned window spotless, and that’s my job, right? 2 hours, 4 hours, 10 hours, I won’t leave until my job is done. Fuck you and the notion that I have to follow a certain blueprint!

I don’t wish to undervalue the hard work you all put in, but I won’t throw myself under the bus just because you all have a different opinion. My asshole has different dimensions, so fuck off and view shit objectively. Call me for the retard I am, and fuck off, respectively.



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I respect your forum, and I messed up.

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