Naming and tips?


Hello everyone. im working on starting up my own window cleaning business and im having trouble thinking up what to call it. i was trying to avoid naming it after my self and not use my last name mainly because many people mispronounce my last name Behrle as Barely and Barley Clean Window doesnt aound too good. but i have been playing around with “Bear Clean Windows” but im not sure how that sounds. i still have time before deciding a name since im still working at another job and practicing on honing my window cleaning skills while working my side job (animal&house sitting). i guess what i would like is some input and advice that could help me out a little.


Make sure to have window cleaning or window washing in your business name. Better for seo, and easier for people to understand.


In my opinion “Bear Clean” still sounds too much like “Barely Clean”. What about shortening it to “B Clean” which sounds like “Be Clean”?


I really like behrle clean windows.



Clean Windows
By Behrle

I like the name use, it is unique.


“B clean” is also sound’s good…,


I like behrle clean windows because the tag line could say something like “not barely clean windows but behrle clean windows”


If you think it’s good then it’s okay


thats a pretty good idea definitely something to think about thanks a lot bud👍🏻


i like this tag line a lot :joy: thanks a lot for the help​:+1:t2: