Moerman DIY fix


I had to FIX my rubber from sliding out with paper clips. MOERMAN brand rubber at that. My black diamond rubber stays in place in the same channel no problem & no clips. Tired of the band wagon saying it is perfect as is.


I’ve come to think of it like a crazy girlfriend. As long as she gets everything she wants and you do everything her way, there are no issues at all. As soon as you act like your normal self again, she throws a shoe at your nice TV.


yeah yeah moerman moerman but what kind of soap is best?


i’m trying a new concoction…rendered bear fat!


With the moerman? You have to use Dawn ultra concentrate for best results. Be sure it’s the bottle with the baby seal or else results may not be optimal. Also, you have to add the soap in ONLY when there’s isn’t a new moon rising or you might have issues with the left tooth on the rubber. Also, rubber should only be changed a dusk. If you’re left handed, then you must touch your chin with the right end clip or else hazing may occur.

C’mon people, it’s not rocket surgery.


so the one with the duck is no good…that explains alot!
i 'm on my way to costco in a minute so…


Jokes on her, I don’t watch TV!


The duck is not too bad, but stay away from the goose.


I heard rendered duck fat works the best


have you really had a shoe thrown at your tv?? Asking for a friend…


Lolol. I needed that.


@MrsK Well???


Fortunately, no. That was just a random example.

@MrsK is my brass squeegee. Lifelong companion, and we just plain get along. No fussing, no drama, no walking on eggshells to avoid catastrophic meltdown. :heart::kissing_smiling_eyes: She’s the best.


I’m done trying, posting and doing mods/fixes for the Moerman stuff, and everything I can to make it work. The way I see it, I’m not on their R&D team or payroll. I can definitely see the benefit of this mod, I was livid at the close outs as well but even more so with the presentation angle of the channel in the jaws.

The best mod I’ve found for the Excelerator/Liquidators, aside shaving off the plastic bit on the tips and mating it with a wagtail PC handle, was switching out the handle and channel for Unger Ninjas.

That said, I like how well done this mod is, really good work.


Does she have a sister?? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Yes. Married.


unfortunately we’re stuck back with an old fusion reactor. I know, ancient. don’t remind me.


if i was at moerman id PAY a bunch of local window cleaners to trial out the gear in their daily work before it was released to the masses. you need some guys with a busy workload who will expose the flaws when a tool is worked hard -the research and development department

it dont make commercial sense to keep releasing product after product that has such obvious faults.

now if somebody says “thats what they already do” i say pants to that


last year ,at the window cleaning show, i saw a great new flip type squeegee by Wagtail. was immediately impressed enuf to know id buy a few. eager. but from what i hear there have been problems with its development. so far i havnt seen any on sale. theres got to be a reason, better not to release it if its got a problem.


If you modifier alter anything it is because it is not doing what it is designed to do.
So to do this it is a fix.
What would you call it?
And you are also right that the Wagtail has still got problems as to the Moerman (swivel/ pivot handle wise)
IMO this the reason are having the issues both these have a common problem.
They are unable to have even pressure on the squeegee channel while swivelling /pivoting the handle.
Because if you did you could use any squeegee channel without modifying or fixing the ends.