Massive government job!


Hey guys and gals,

I’m getting ready to bid on this job and would greatly appreciate some guidance from those of you with commercial experience.

Pay particular attention to the vid. in the link above (showing the inner courtyard area).

Scope of job: clean windows inside/out. No screens. Will require lift (most likely 30’ scissor lift), and 2 or more DI waterfed systems. Time frame: More then likely, we’ll have weekends (5-6 Saturdays in a row) to do this thing (won’t be able to do it during normal bus. hours)

1.) Size of crew: I’m thinking 5-6 maybe 10-12?
2.) If you were pricing this gig, what would you charge?
3.) Any other tips?



Not enough pictures to really understand the entire size of a job, get the general idea but a Aerial above photo would be great showing the footprint. Those 5th floor windows that are recessed in you’re not going to get those with a water fed pole those seem like they’re like 4 ft deep like triangles possibly might be the pic. 5-6 weekends that would be nuts I would discuss that. If that’s the case overtime on all that work. Be sure there is water sources especially the courtyard make sure they’re on in functionable.
What did you plan this scissors lift for?


Jhans: Those 4ft deep triangle areas will most likely require we get up there (inside) w/a section of the pole. As for the scissor lifts, I’m thinking we’ll need those for the inside courtyard area. My pole only goes up about 3 stories and we’ll need to access those windows up higher.


Do you know of a scissors left that goes that high?

Probably looking more like an aerial lift JLG boom Style


As long as the scissor lift can get me 25’-30’ up, my WFP will get the rest of the way up (another 30’ or so).


What ever size crew you have, the more the faster it will get done provided they all know what they are doing, the less in a crew the more days it will take.
I would do that on my own tbh, because I’m a solo operator it would just take time, I’d use a boom over a scissor lift


Be aware that you’ll probably need a pump to get the water that high.