Looking for a highrise roof rig for sale


I’m looking for a used roof rig/roller. Does anybody know where I can get one? I can pay shipping costs.


I do have 2 2*8 used ones for sale, in good condition. Located in NY. Any reasonable price


@joseph0481 do you still have one for sale, if so how much?


Yes, a 2*8. Are you familiar with the sizes?

It was used on less than 20 job sites. But they don’t look in new condition anymore, and the weights have little rust due to being exposed outside a long time.

I’d like to get for it $2000, but the price is negotiable.


I also have other stuff to sell for half price. Like an Unger waterfed system and Bio-Clean Hard Water Stain Remover-52oz for $20 a bottle


I also have a MIO 2x8 used some, $1500


Actually may be a 2x6, can check and send pics to you if any interest