Let's see what you got


I want to do some tool reviews, but have been super busy with work. Within the next week or two I will get another video up.



Cool video man


then why use instagram instead of youtube?


Hey new guy from Malaysia here!. some short video from commercial job. My 3rd account and the biggest so far since started 4 week ago. Just play around with 10cm squeegee. Comments and critiques my technique are welcome.


First chance you get buy some longer squeegee channels and rubber. The work flow will zoom with the right tool for the right job.


yeah i do have 14 and 18 squeegee. i just wanna play with the short one :sweat_smile:. ( yes, i’m completed my job 99% with 18 squeegee. :sunglasses:


Hello SadiQ and welcome to the forum!


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You sure about 10 cm? That is a 4 inch squeegee.


Yeah garry, It’s 10 inch squeegee not 10cm. Sorry guys for the confusion. :sweat_smile:


Thanks HBM. And you are the guy from Alaska?


Hey @Skipper glad you are back. Read a lot about you here and it was very entertaining, lot of humours.

Back to my video. I watched unger training videos by @Mark Henderson and repeated many2 times. @luke3636 fanning technique video is one of my favorites too. Practices my technique by doing some volunteer work at local mosque and it’s my routine now every Friday after our Friday prayer.




Looking pretty good man


Nice to have you here SadiQ!
We are window cleaners from all over the world.


Thanks @JonathanB It’s wonderful to be part of Window Cleaner community man.


It’s good to have you here !



Welcome to the forum.

Good video.


Welcome @SadiQ
You seems to handle that squeegee really good. Nice and smooth!