Ladder size


My brother and I recently started our own window cleaning companies a few months back, and over the past few months we’ve been wondering what is the best combination for ladders sizes to have. 16 and 28? 20 and 32? What do you guys carry? I do Window and gutter cleaning on 1-2-3 Story Houses. 3 Story is very very rare.


16, 24, 32


How about a 28 rather than a 32? Or is a 32 necessary


Depends on the house trends in your market. I have a 32’ that rarely leaved the garage. I would hate to have to use it for everything a 24’ doesn’t reach. The 28’ that stays on my ladder rack is a feather compared to the 32’. I get to 95% of my higher windows with the 24’.


You don’t want to show up and be a few feet short for that taller structure you will inevitably come across.


Agreed. I have a 16, 24, 28, 32 always on my rack. Yes the 28 footer feels so much lighter than the 32.


We don’t use ladders. In the UK you have to demonstrate that you are using the safest working method for any task. Ladders have had their day. Get a carbon pole.


If 3 story is very very rare, then 24 and 28. If on that rare occasion you land something bigger then rent one. 24 and 28 will cover just about everything you encounter. Of course, if you find a 32 is too commonly needed then by all means get ya’ one.


16, 24, 32 and a couple step ladders. If your not a huge guy do yourself a favor and get Type II’s trust me you won’t regret it. The 32 is a beast but if your doing gutter cleaning it’s a lifesaver for 3 story. Make sure and get a stabilizer and some kind of leveler as well.
Best of luck man


I’ve got a 24 a Werner multi purpose, 17’ and a 6ft step. Got stabalizer and leveler on the 24. Looking to get 2 more Extensions that’s why I’m asking. What’s the lightest 32 they have? I’ve rented one from Home Depot and almost recked a house pretty good with it. Way to heavy. I know the red tipped ladders are the lighted but they only go up to 28ft


My personal philosophy is if a 24’ won’t get it, then I don’t want it. Too much potential for catastrophe. Jobs above that height are in the vast minority anyway for me.

I have a WFP now, but my first year I turned down all 3rd story work and wasn’t really worse for it.


I use a 24 and I have a little giant 22 footer that I mainly use in the A Frame configuration for lower windows


I’ve done tons of houses with 24 and it worked out great but every once in awhile the 24 doesn’t cut it. I’m wondering if a 28 is too small, for 4ft actually make a difference or if I should go for a 32


Is a 22 little giant heavier than the Werner multipurpose?


16’,24’,28’ will get you by on 95% of all jobs in my area for residential. Even when doing gutters we rarely will need a 32’.


What area are you in? I’m in asheville and everything is basically a hill, no flat ground and a one story can be reached with a 6ft in the front and a 40 in the back


Exaggeration but I’m assuming you get my point


Aha. I’m in Florida so a 24 reaches comfortably to any second story from flat level ground. If you already have a 24 and come up short for too many jobs then a 32 might make sense. I am always looking for how to do the most work with the least amount of equipment, so if you have a 24 AND a 32 then the 28 wouldn’t be entirely necessary.


What kinda leg levelers are you using? I have a pair of Xtenda legs


we wfp any windows our 24 won’t reach