Ladder Rack Help


I’m wondering what’s the best method to fasten this to my contractor ladder rack. I am trying to avoid U-Bolts but if that’s the only option I’ll do it. Suggestions please


Why are you avoiding ubolts?


I’ve seen people use some sorta metal strap, but I’m not sure what they’re called



This was from a similar thread here which uses a u bolt with a base plate which seems like a very good method.

Why do you not want the u bolt?


Looks good actually, I was looking for a cheap alternative, cheaper than 4.99$ but looks like I should just stick with that. What sort of vehicle do you use for you and your crew? I’m looking to Model my truck after someone’s


Just a thought, but if you are carrying an expensive wfp in it - spend the 4.99. In fact, spend the extra to keep it securely locked like in one of the pics.

Thieves will gladly take the chance that they will get something to pawn.


I’ve thought about that, but I’m in gated communities or mountain homes, so there’s not much of a threat of thievery


Bailing wire and/or duct tape is pretty cheap.


So is 4.99. I just spent 30 on McDonald’s :confused:

I’ve seen stuff done with duct tape. Super cheap and unprofessional looking. Gets real nasty quick.

Reasonable options if going that route…I guess…Lol. That U-bolt is sexy. I would spend 100 on it, if I had to.


Btw, if you know, what do you call that tube and latch? Is there a specific name for this? Is it just a PVC pipe with some sort of plumbing latch?

You have permission to laugh at me. :slight_smile:


Conduit lock. Usually for 6" pipe.


Conduit latch or search conduit fasteners


Thanks boys, perfect solution. Nice way to even store standard poles.

You guys are gold.


Does anyone have a recommendations for a ladder rack for a dodge caravan.