Keith Kalfas


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I have thought about it, at length, Steve. I can see what their main motivation is. While on the surface we can say it’s to help others, or assume they like helping, they all ask for you to click the subscribe button/buy their book, or but this or that, they happen to promote.

I realize it is my opinion as to what motivates many YouTube creators. But the fact remains that people who are doing it, are not making the money they want to make. Luke was used as an example of a good, successful window cleaner. True, he has success, runs a nice channel, but even he isn’t making the money in business he wants to make. It wasn’t that long ago he was asking for ideas on how to make more, on his channel.

The people with the most success growing their business, are NOT on forums, social media, or YouTube telling guys how to start and grow a business. They aren’t talking technique either. They are busy making their business accomplish the goals they desire, and living life how they desire to live life. They don’t waste precious time doing things that don’t fulfill their desires. Most of us MISS that little factoid. Time is a limited commodity, and when you waste it doing things that don’t work toward your goals, you don’t actually work on your goals.

Most may not agree with me, but then those not agreeing are not suiting on a pile of reoccurring income, living life doing only the things they want to do either.


Keith is a good guy. I don’t believe he means any ill will towards anyone.


Very true. Logging on and spending time on a forum is a general waste of time. I like all of us here, do it more than I should. But there will likely come a time in my future, that I may not anymore. If I find the success I seek, I’ll be busy enjoying life, and not tapping away.

Even still, I only allow so much time a day here. I don’t waste very much time on it.


Sweet! Now how do i get off all the interweb stuff… “My job is done here!” :wink:


I disagree with your statement that succussful people don’t spend time to help others. Many people on here are most likely very succussful for themselves. They may not be millionaires but they are happy and are pursuing their dreams of running their own business. They support their families with a business they created themselves. They accomplished a great goal, all by themselves. If you can do that and provide for your family I beliebe you have achieved success. On a side note, look up Valuetainment on YT. Iranian immigrant who came to the country when he was young. He started his own company and is now a multimillionaire. He constantly puts out videos. Videos that are sometime 30 mins to an hour long. Does he do it for the money? I don’t think money has even a little bit to do with it. He wants to help others. He constantly snapchats and replied to comments from his viewers. He doesn’t get money from that part. He does it because he wants to help.


It seems, many here are living check to check, not many doing over $200,000. In sales and wouldn’t consider themselves to be successful until they get to a higher amount where they would like to be. High number don’t have health insurance and rent where they live.

Which there is nothing wrong with but I’d imagine that wouldn’t be considered successful if living check to check.

You can say they like the freedom of owning a business, what’s the point of owning a business where there’s so much more work than being an employee while still living check to check.

I may be wrong but generally the main goal in owning your own business is to make a profit and make more money than you could if you were an employee working for somebody else. With a successful business comes profit, financial Independence, early retirement and building something that can be sold later for a profit.

It is not worth while starting a business if you’re content at just getting by, its just too much work for that


I realize some members may be living check to check but I also think there are atleast a few who frequent the forum that have made a decent living out of it



There should be more people that have a successful profitable business here. You can never stop learning from others


Though they may not broadcast it on the forum or YouTube, many of the members here are content to live modestly, and actually curtail their earnings/working hours for the sake of helping others and spending time with their families.

Living a simple life and being content with fewer expenses does allow one a certain freedom not enjoyed by those tied to many payments/purchases/activities.

Self-employment allows one to earn more money in less time than most hourly paying jobs. Comparable wages for employed persons generally come with full-time salaried work.


Like @KeithKalfas? When was the last time he posted here?


Haha another awesome point


I’m not really into the whole motivational thing… I’ve got a lot of demotivational stuff tho.

believe-in-yourself geek

Hey, listen to whoever makes you want to get up and do something. As you grow you’ll find different people to listen to at different times in your chosen path. If you think Keith sucks as a window cleaner, you have to admit he’s a heck of a salesman. And as a business OWNER (not cleaner) you might need that confidence and projection. If you’re getting started, you might need the technical details on how to clean and what tools to use.

At the end of the day, none of use want to watch a bunch of youtube videos while living in a van down by the river.


Night before last I locked my van after I told a barefoot sleeping/drunk guy that he couldn’t sleep in the ATM vestibule at the bank that I was going to clean. It occurred to me that he might follow my recommendation and sleep off his drunk in MY van!

He went back to sleep so I called the cops and they helped him find another place to sleep. The bank manager told me this happens this time of year after salmon fishing. Lots of guys passing through town with their fishing $ prioritize beer vs. hotels. At 0430 when I drove by the bank after finishing a job that was SUPPOSED to be done by 0100. I found two more dudes sleeping in the vestibule and called the cops again :roll_eyes: Then I went home.

The End.

Edit: Deckhands are soft nowadays. When I was a young deckhand I used to sleep in the forest or on a drydocked boat when I was too tanked to make it back to the harbor.


I totally get what you saying and it’s a good point.

My opinion is check to check living isn’t something people usually want.


Agreed @JaredAI


ive never claimed to be extremely successful. I am a pretty busy guy and my wife and I have a comfortable living. We create our content because we truly like helping others. Sure there have been perks along the way but our marriage comes first then our company. Youtube and editing videos is a hobby for us , we enjoy the challenge and of course the people. now all i need is your credit card number and i can help you too!


As soon as those timber wolf poles are ready…


I personally don’t like the guy and yes i ve tortured my poor eyes and ears with his dribble content.I see him for what he is…full of BS.He would do well in a pyramid scam but thats about it!!
I feel sorry for his 1 man crew,as he probably works his ass off while he spends hours talking complete crap to the camera and giving himself a boner from his own voice!!
This is my opinion of him as i see it.
Sorry i have nt been around ladies…been a busy bee the last few months😙