Just got my first church bid


So I was doing windows at a brand new account this morning and the pastor of a church asked me to stop by and do a count and call him with a bid. Not a bad job, although it will take all day, and possibly a couple hours the next morning. My question is, those of you who have done churches before, do you usually bid them like commercial, houses, or in between? Do you ever do some sort of discount because it’s a church? (Religious views aside of course) Just trying to get an idea of how I should go about it.


i bid commercial and residential so as to hit my target hourly or above


I don’t discriminate or discount because of beliefs everyone gets charged the same no matter what they believe.


That’s not necessarily what I meant. I was more wondering if anyone gave a discount to houses of worship/volunteer centers/community outreach centers/etc. I ending up bidding it like I would commercial with residential style windows, AKA, more than store front, but less than my residential pricing. I’m doing their windows in 2 weeks.