I got it sussed! (The liquidator 2.0)


Sometimes it’s my fault sometimes it means a technique adjustment and then when that’s sorted I feel able to suggest ‘tweaks’ that could be done in manufacturing for future releases. The major one for me with Excelerator is close out clearance on deep frames…and well…that’s about it… :slight_smile: …oh, and by the by, currently being addressed I believe.


Once that’s done then all that’s left is to fix those goofy snug-fit end clips by making something that really arrests the rubber.


Here are a couple of options from my box :slight_smile: :-
Take your pick…


I’ll take the brass :wink:


In this case ‘fix’ would mean a total redesign, thus new molds. We can all see in hindsight that these channels were going to be used in a wide variety of handles and that although teeth on the handle holds the rubber the ends also need retention because of the accuracy we want to achieve on the turn without the potential of the rubber folding. I knew about this years ago with my Unger clipless handles (0° and 30° Ergotech) excellent for straight pulls but problematic with fanning which I never had with Ettore Brass. No biggie, simply adapted Ettore clips for the Unger channel. Wagtail channels benefit from the ‘pinching’ in at the back to firm up the grip, even more so if you’ve moved into dog earring. Earlier in the year I was trialling some new V2 clips that had been ‘tweaked’. They were absolutely fine and Although I’m not sure they may be standard on current production runs. I’m waiting for users to start bitching about how difficult it is to thread the rubber :slight_smile: I personally would love a combination of clip and pin aka Unger Green clip style but hey, in the meantime my OCD has accepted lime green and blue…


I thought you ran your gear as it came from the factory? :thinking:

I guess adding the green end clips doesn’t quite count as a “mod”, but it’s obviously not how Moerman intended the tool was used. Otherwise they would have designed their own proprietary end clips instead of letting Unger hog all the sales $$$.


What’s the adapter called and who sells it.

From what the link you posted shows the excelerator handle, Fliq, and liquidators channel.

(Unless I’m missing something…)


If you check and earlier post you will see I said with SOME brands of rubber… mid summer over here Samuel, and I’ll be working 7 days a week right up to Xmas eve so I really am not in the mood to talk round and round in circles…and for the record what makes you think Moerman had any idea on how the tool was going to be used?

Huh…I’ve just had a message pop up saying I’ve replied to you 3 times. ‘Have I considered replying to other people?’ Well no, they’re not addressing me personally …sheesh…


It’s a standard pole cone tip with female Euro thread designed to allow use of trad tools on a water fed pole that has a Euro male tip. I added the bolt to stop the Moerman handle rotating on the cone when fanning. I use on a Gardiner pole with Euro gooseneck male adapter on QuickLoq Gardiner tip. Available here:-

I also use the Unger cone tip for NLite on an NLite Euro tip but it tends to rotate off the insert.


The black insert rotates to release the cone during use. It is not secure enough for fanning. However The fitting for Unger non NLite alu poles snaps into the holes in the pole tip so that is OK. Not so on the NLlite tip.


Thanks for the response Steve.


The inventor now recommends end clips and Ettore rubber. Lots of new vids on how to make the Moerman work like an Ettore brass master. Note no swivel Excelerator handle also recommended for best results in the hand.


10 videos now on the Moerman Liquidator. No techno music. No swivel.
Just a humble guy sharing his knowledge. Great.


Those videos are gold


Hey! Polzn Bladz has a 40" RO and brushes in the van!! A video a day for the last 3 weeks on squeegees only, making anyone who details with a cloth appear unskilled. Tons of older videos on squeegees on a pole. He is a WFP user after all.




The job at 5:37 is surely one for WFP. Amazing though how Bob gets the job done at height with a squeegee. There’s an RO in the van…


Sure are. He holds back nothing in explaining the quirks of the Liquidator. I just hope he worked out a sensible design royalties deal with Moerman.


This thread is full of great information.

I’ve been working with liquidators and excelerator handle with the Fliq pad basically daily, to understand the way it works.

There are few things I would like to share that have made my experience with the tool a lot better.

  • working system
    Watch Polznbladz video series on YouTube.

  • the liquidators work best with ettore rubber
    I’ve tried many many different brands.

There is no reason to modify it. If you take a little bit of time to understand the handle and the channels and learn the working set up the combination of the excelerator handle and liquidators with the Fliq pad it will save you a ton of time on the glass.

I do route work and it’s a pleasure working with this tool combination.