How Do You Guys Clean Your Window Washer Sleeves?


I mostly just give them a good scrub when I’m done with the job and let them dry in the sun. Am I doing this wrong? Thank you to anyone who answers.


It’s also nice to toss them in the regular wash with your towels now and then.


You must purify them in the waters of lake Minnetonka.

Or toss them in the wash.


I toss them in the washing machine along with the scrims and frame/sill rags.


Thanks Jared hope you’re having a great day!:heart:


nothing says clean like power washing them, watch all that dirt come out of them! all fresh and fluffy like new again lol


I try not to wash them if at all possible as I find the fibers tend to lose their absorbing ability. Sometimes it can’t be helped if I do a really nasty, moldy job.


Pressure wash them. They’ll look and feel brand new