How do you define your target market when starting out


My target market is anything with a window and anyone that can say YES. Just kidding I am trying dial in to my target market so that I am focusing on the right area of attack.

When you started out did any of you experience these thoughts, or did you just go/grow and figure it out along the way.



When I 1st started my target was commercial mid to high rise buildings. Knowing that a start up it’s tough with this type of client because of billing and being paid 30 to 60 days after completion so I also targeted residential and route/storefronts.

What the residential market offered for me was a stable workload that paid immediately. Storefront allowed Income during the Winter when the other market was a bit slow. This allowed me to work on my preferred commercial base while still bringing in revenue.


Great thanks for the feedback. I guess most would say similar things based on there not being whole lot of market option however I may be wrong.


Homes will bring the fastest return. 2500 to 5,000 sq feet . WFP all outsides and used a solo sprayer inside with dawn and gg4