How do you clean omniphibic glass?



yell at it


Hmmm. Interesting read. Am I a toadstool killer? :rofl: Love this college…thanks.




Hey Jordie,

This kind of “surface tech” is becoming more common every day. However as it says in the article once a ‘hard’ surface is modified in this way the coating is rather easy to destroy. Yet I do see a time not too distant when the technology becomes much more resistant to physical destruction. And it can be maintained, but not without caution and skill. Once that happens it will become an active concern for us. As low e coatings have become for many years now. Omniphobic glass is very interesting. This forces me to wonder how oliophobic Nanovations NG1010 is. Also not just that coating but also EnduroSheild, Aquapel, Rain X, Invisible Sheild, and others. This looks like another subject for my Mirror. Thanx Jordie.