Hotel Construction Clean input


Hey kids. What do you think about price for new construction cleanup on windows, outside only, on this bad boy? Boom lift provided and they don’t look like they’re in too bad as far as paint, mortar, mud. I have a price range in mind just trying to make sure I’m not way off. The opposite side looks almost the same, and the ends have about 10 windows each that will need the boom. Thanks for anything.




What formula did you use for CCU on that price?


No formula - insides can be just as much work as outsides - I charge $10/pane for CCU In/Out per pane. If you’re only doing exteriors, cut it in half. I figure it equals out in the end - the extra time you would spend on vacuuming tracks and cleaning frames on the interior will end up equaling the cost/time saved on a lift for the exteriors. Just shooting from the hip and I think I would bid @ $5/pane on those exteriors. But that’s just my $.02.


What would you charge for a regular clean on windows like those pictured?
CCU is whole different animal, so there is a special pricing for such a job.
Notice those appear to be divided windows, 4 panes per window.


Red flag number one:
They provide boom??? Which means they are probably over budget or you’re dealing directly with the owner.

Either way, they’re looking for the lowest price. If it was me I’d walk on it.

Its going to be a pain in the neck if I’m right. If I were bidding on it I would insist on my lift. Did you feel them out on a ground man/spotter for the one in the basket? That helps in trying to figure out where they are on budget.

Hotels in my area are notorious for this kind of stuff.

I’d advise against bidding per pane but others have strongly disagreed…my price would be 4 days labor with 3 men.

So roughly between 2200 to 2900 bucks. WITH seeing a signed check before taking delivery of the boom. Don’t let em hose you after you already started the job.


Thanks for the replies.

This is much more inline with my thinking. I’m dealing with a cleaning company that’s contracted by the construction company to do the final clean for the whole building. Shes subbing out the outside window cleaning to an experienced window cleaning company for speed purposes…so she says.

In my price I was figuring in a spotter, bucket guy, and one guy to do the first floor. I figured 3 guys for 1 day, 2 for 2. Total 3 days. The ground floor guy can easily finish in 1 day. This is also expecting the lift is functional and available 100% of the time we are on site.

The divided panes up high only have a cap over the dividers so it’s an easier squeegee than a traditional commercial frame. Didn’t feel like pricing those per frame would be accurate.

I’m coming in around $1900 with 30% due before work begins and I like the idea of seeing a signed check for the remainder before starting.



I think your timing is probably better than mine. I would’ve kept all three there the whole time for the touch ups that will probably take place on the ground floor, but then, if your guy is outta the boom he can jump on those.

I don’t think they’d do the 30% because its only 3 days. That’s intended for jobs that take weeks, to float payroll or material.

Just tell the guys they’ll get it when its done. You’re at 1900 WITH the boom? Or using the one there?
If you use the one there, just make sure that thing works well before you work on it especially if its a geenie.

They take all the liability. Kinda stupid on their part but oh well.
I wouldn’t post your numbers bro, this forum is pretty popular you never know who else is bidding on it.

ABSOLUTELY make sure you SEE a signed check for the full amount if your’re getting subbed. And do your homework on them before you sign any contracts. Have your agent make a cert for you before they start their bull to withhold a check, get that W9 done too. Send it as soon as you sign the contract.

You know they’ll wait until you’re finished with the job and then tell you you gotta be in their “system” before you get your money…dummy speak for " we screwed up and want to make sure we don’t pay your taxs so we’re gonna pull ya a little and piss you off"


The general contractor probably has it leased until the end of the month, that’s pretty typical on large construction sites.



But what contractor would take more liability on for free? If you bust his lift, or damage property, get hurt etc…the responsibility is ultimately the contractors’ because the contract with the lift company is between the contractor and them, not other trades’ subs.


I would agree Thor, I’m always extremely nervous about using a $100k piece equipment that isn’t mine whether I signed for it or not. Sometimes it’s not ideal, but it saves the customer money and I’ve done it quite often. Hopefully it’s not a “you break it, you buy it” situation.


Only takes a couple of those learned the hard way, thus no longer do construction cleans unless (just like they do) 1/2 up front which covers my costs, rest upon completion.


Some of my worst experiences at getting paid.


Yep, CCU is a liability waiting to happen in some cases. Price them high to make them even worth it. So much more work out there to be had if they don’t choose you, eh, so what.




When we were doing construction cleans, we don’t anymore, I’d be about $20 per pane on a building like that. But I’d be weary of being a sub for the cleaning company. I guarantee they don’t pay you until they get paid. They have way more moving parts to their job i.e. Dusting, floor cleaning, etc. If they get a long punch list that can delay their payment this delaying yours. If you’re ok with that position, fine but I’d make sure you have the cash to float not getting paid for a while.