Hidden Gems: Odds and Mods



instead of the truck brush we buy the 3 packs of the 2-inch paint brush from Lowe’s and each brush lasts from a week to a month usually they do great in there specially easier to hold having a long handle


Buy the 2 in chip brush from Harbor Freight. You get like 36 of them for super cheap. Plus coupon!


they fall apart super quickly though


Who cares? They’re cheap! I’d probably replace mine every month. If I lost it, then no biggie.


it’s not about the price I don’t like a tool disintegrating my hands as I’m using it and shedding those fibers everywhere


True dat. I’ve never had a problem with them, but again, it’s harbor freight. What works one time might not the next.


I get the cheap wood handle paint brush from Home Depot. Horse hair or something? Don’t know, their cheap and last more than a few months.


Yeah same chip brush at harbor freight but 36 for like 10 bucks.