Help! What would you price these windows at?


Hi all. I have an estimate to give today on this store… I was thinking $75 inside and out. What would you do it for? Am I asking too much?


45 + tax. In and out. Can’t be sure, but it appears like the windows are tinted. If so, be extra careful if cleaning them on a sunny day.


Are there more windows?

There’s 22 windows? Then yeah, $40-50 bucks inside and out (WHERE ACCESSIBLE). There are desks in front of some of those windows and you’re not going to move a desk. And I’m not going to charge less for obstacles.

Oh, and outside only price of $25 which includes doors inside and out.

First clean use a step ladder to clean behind the neon, second clean use an unger pad or clean around them. Repeat for the posters.

IN/OUT Route work reality goal: 30 minutes. New guy goal: 45min-1 hour.
OUT ONLY Route work reality goal: 15 minutes. New guy goal: 30 minutes.


There’s actually 33 windows. It wouldn’t let me upload the last pic of the last block. And there’s actually 4 stores roughly 30 windows per store. I couldn’t upload what I wanted, so I was just going to ask about this one and multiply accordingly.


Thanks for your input. Im thinking I can go $55


You need to figure out your base per pane price, or per window opening price for your business.

If it is 33 windows, in/out = 66 for $75; then 66 x $1.14 = $75.24
If it is 33 windows, in/out = 66 for $55; then 66 x $0.84 = $55.44

Depends on what you need to support your business.


If there’s 4 stores and you get them all then I’d probably do $60 per store. If it’s just a single store, then probably $65.


Thanks! I normally do residential, so didn’t really know how to price it. Appreciate it


Thanks. I went with $65 per store. Here’s hoping I get it!


Yes, store front is less than residential for sure. It can land anywhere from $1 per pane to $3 or even $4 if they are really large panes. (rare?).

Starting out you will make pricing mistakes. Don’t sweat it. After some experience to speed up your work you will settle into a rhythm.

I do mostly residential with a few store fronts and commercial.

(I would have probably been around your initial price.)


Yeah lol. My first storefront bid I priced it like I would residential and the owner looked at me like I had insulted his mom… Lol!! Suffice it to say, I didn’t get that job.


If it was just that storefront pictured I’d be at $15 outside only $30 in and out. A buck a minute or a little more maybe. Lucky to get storefront at that “high” too…


I can’t see doing it at that price but there’s always someone that would. Thanks for your input!


I know, they go faster than residential so bidding at a lower rate lands them, mostly. Still, I have run across a few ugly ones that I bid just like residential and bolt to the next potential one…lol


What is the issue with tint on a sunny day btw? He responded to the quote and asked if I’d be careful with the new tint on the inside… Just regular squeegee with soap wouldn’t do anything right? I’m definitely not going to use steel wool… learned that the hard way a while back


Since they are aware of it, you need to be especially careful. Most of the tint I see today is already scratched and torn by the time I get there, so I don’t get scrutinized.

Most recommend not using anything with ammonia in the solution. Personally, I’ve found that a dirty scrubber or solution w/o enough soap will do more damage. If they are directly in the sun, they will dry faster and the tint itself might be a bit more supple. We used to have a few guys here that are tint installers that could speak more to that. @SwissMike I think was one. Can’t be sure.

In Texas, many are tinted, so avoiding jobs with tinted glass is not as easy. I tend to do a thorough cleaning on all inside glass every few months esp cloudy days. Then I hand touch up the glass as needed. Don’t do the top windows inside every time unless needed, but be sure to clear the corners of cobwebs. Remind managers to use no tape or any adhesives on the tinted windows. Should need no explanation, yet you still see it all the time.


Oh ok. I’ll be sure to go over that with him if I land the job. Good advice, thanks!


Yeah, hot tint will flash off the soap in no time. So your solution is to do the job when it’s not in direct sunlight. If it faces east, then it’s an afternoon job. If it faces west, then it’s a morning job. If it faces south, you’re just screwed.

For those types of jobs, add some gg4 to your bucket and it’ll help give you enough time to squeegee. If it’s really bad, use something like the excelerator or wagtail with the flip mop to help squeegee super fast on the pole.

Either way, when not on the pole, you’re going to need to know how to mop and squeegee at the same time. Just follow the mop with the squeegee and you’ll make quick work of those windows.


$20 per block i/o… so $60 for all 3… but i would $5 to it for wiggle room… so ur $65 is spot on for me.


Appreciate the advice!!